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SC Workmates / Introduction of Sumitomo Corporation Group staff around the globe

Middle East


Interview List
Selda Turgut
May 9, 2012

Sumitomo Corporation Dis Ticaret A.S. Istanbul Head Office

Selda Turgut

+ Office :
Istanbul, Turkey
+ Job :
Risk management
+ Hobby :
Watching movies (action genre)
What are your main responsibilities?
As a member of the Life Science Department, which is mainly engaged in sales of agricultural chemicals, I am in charge of credit, sales support and other risk management tasks as a process for supporting the business viability assessment on new project proposals. More specifically, I conduct risk assessment from multiple angles for each new proposal based on transaction amount and other conditions, and give advice on the assessed risks to the related project team members.

After work and on weekends, I spend most of my time with my family.

What do you think is particularly important to your current job?
Once an agreement is signed, the project must be completed as agreed in any event. Keeping this in mind, I make all-out efforts to identify every possible risk and take or suggest the best possible measures for eliminating or reducing those risks. In addition, risk management has significant implications on corporate compliance. With this in mind, I continue to work with a sense of pride and responsibility.
How do you feel about working at Sumitomo Corporation?
Since I first began working for the company as an assistant, I have learned many business skills as well as rules and ethics over years of working for the company. Among the many lessons instilled in me is the importance of appropriate procedures, including compliance with various rules and laws, and obtaining approval of managers and partner companies, to ensure smooth business progress. In this sense, Sumitomo Corporation is a great school in that it has taught me the A to Z of business.
I particularly appreciate the encouraging and reassuring attitudes of managers to their employees. Managers’ constant, fair evaluation of each employee’s performance is a real driving force for gearing up Company efforts. In Sumitomo Corporation, managers are always quick to take action in response to problems related to their sections and departments. I think this is vital for creating a work environment that encourages employees to fully demonstrate their abilities within their roles and individual tasks.