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SC Workmates / Introduction of Sumitomo Corporation Group staff around the globe



Interview List
Huang Li
June 27, 2012

Sumitomo Corporation (Tianjin) Ltd.

Huang Li

+ Office :
* Job :
Import/export of photovoltaic systems and LED manufacturing equipment, sales of tools and equipment to automotive manufacturers, development of new business projects
* Hobby :
Chinese tea ceremony
What is the most impressive or significant business experience you ever had?
The most important experience in my career to date is the project which introduced the Japanese digital telephone switch system to Tianjin in the 1980s. After Tianjin, the same system was employed in other areas and has since spread nationwide. Being involved in that pioneering project provided me with an exciting sense of fulfillment. I appreciate the opportunity of working for a business that will help improve the living quality of so many people, thereby contributing to the overall development of the nation. This and other challenging experiences have driven my development into a business professional.

Enjoying the beach on a company trip to the coastal area of Sanya City, located on the southern tip of Hainan Island.

What are your future plans?
Previously, I worked by focusing on individual performance as a sales team member, aiming at maximizing my contribution to the company. Now, I am in a managerial position and am expected to directly assist the President, and my duties have expanded to become more organizational in nature. My major day-to-day issues are how to enhance the workplace environment and employee morale, and to that end I am endeavoring to build and maintain effective communications with employees, while seeking to develop an inspiring corporate culture.

Explaining about products at a trade show.

Will you tell us about the Chinese tea ceremony?
Chinese tea is categorized into six major types depending on fermentation and processing method (oolong tea, black tea, green tea, red tea, white tea and yellow tea). The differences that exist in the type and variety of tea leaves are the main determinants of the unique taste of individual teas. The taste may also be subtly influenced by the mental or physical state of those who make or drink the tea. In order to relish the subtle taste of tea, the mind needs to be calm and peaceful. Thus, making and drinking tea is a natural and effective way of calming and refreshing the mind.

My recent passion is the Chinese tea ceremony, which embraces profound philosophies developed throughout the long human history.