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SC Workmates / Introduction of Sumitomo Corporation Group staff around the globe



Interview List
Fabienne Rakotonindrina
May 31, 2016

Sumitomo Corporation, Antananarivo office

Fabienne Rakotonindrina

+ Office :
* Job :
Secretariat, General administration, Accounting, Business issues
* Hobby :
Socializing with friends and family, Shopping, Listening to music
Please describe your roles and responsibilities.
My role is to provide administrative, accounting and business supports to our liaison office for smooth running of the company inside of our country and outside. I also perform a variety of accounting functions in accordance with standard and company’s procedures. Furthermore, I am in charge of some business projects which our office is supporting. This involves a great deal of multitasking and this is what I enjoy most. I have to say I must do everything together with our General Manager since our office is very small, and I can say I am satisfied with these role and responsibilities as they give me enormous opportunities for both technical and personal development.

A farewell drinks for our manager Mr. Hugues who went into retirement

What is your most important personal belief or credo at work?
One of my personal credos is “to overcome, make adjustments and learn from challenges, obstacles and temporary failures.” This is simply a reminder to face challenges that are in my way and overcome them. For me, if you want to succeed in life and at work, you need to be constantly challenging yourself as feeling challenged is the surest way to grow. And I believe growth potential is very important for my own role in the company but also for the company itself. I also personally love trying new things of which I don’t have so much experience. This allows me to learn and acquire new skills. Luckily my work is very challenging!

Visit to our main steel customer's manufactory in Toamasina with our colleague

How do you spend your days off?
I try as much as possible to spend my days off with my family. We Malagasy attach particular importance to the family. There is even a saying “Kids are the primary wealth”. I dedicate my private time almost exclusively to my two kids. During the weekend, we do shopping; go to amusement park or restaurant together. If not, we visit their grandparents and share some convivial moments together. During the Holiday, we like to enjoy the great at sea. However I also enjoy listening to my favorite music; It can instantly put me in a good mood. Some Friday nights, I go out with my friends just to hear good music.

Spending last Easter holidays with my family

(February, 2016)