REPORT 01 Expanding into New Markets ―Mining Equipment Business: From Canada to the World

  • REPORT 01-1 24/7/365 ongoing efforts ―Solid track record of continuous operations supports the core business
  • REPORT 01-2 Sales are not the endpoint of the business ―The goal is to deepen the business model
  • REPORT 01-3 Bonds of trust and the human network ―Key elements to opening the way for Sumitomo Corporation to enter a new market in Mongolia
  • REPORT 01-4 Opening new frontiers ―Settling in the land of the Yeti in the huge Russian market

REPORT 02 Solutions through Innovation ―Power Plant Lease Project in Indonesia

  • REPORT 02-1 Demonstrating the excellence of Japanese corporations ―Relentless efforts to reduce power shortages in Indonesia
  • REPORT 02-2 Perseverance wins the day ―Building an unorthodox business model with a strong belief
  • REPORT 02-3 Just keep moving ahead  ―Clearing a pile of components and regulatory barriers
  • REPORT 02-4 “Never pursue easy gains”―Taking the high road of business and building strong relationships