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Feb. 06, 2017
Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation Takes Part in the Premium Friday Campaign

Striving to Improve Productivity through Flexible Work Arrangements

Sumitomo Corporation (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kuniharu Nakamura) launched the following initiatives on Friday, January 27 in support of the Premium Friday campaign promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in partnership with the private sector.
Sumitomo Corporation’s Premium Friday initiatives
  Encourage employees to take a full or half day (leave work in the afternoon) of paid leave on “Premium Friday,” the last Friday of each month.  
  In cases where it is difficult to use paid leave, encourage employees to take advantage of the flextime system and leave as soon as the core time ends at 3 p.m.  
  Furthermore, encourage employees to take paid leave or leave early under the flextime system not only on Premium Friday as dubbed by METI but also on other Fridays, which we dub “Premium Fridays,” with a view to expediting the workstyle innovation.  
Sumitomo Corporation has been promoting flexible work arrangements that offer a higher quality of life and bring about efficient work practices, with the aim of increasing productivity to produce significant results in a limited period of time. One of such work arrangements is setting paid leave utilization targets for the year 2017: 14 days or more for each employee and 16 days or more as a company-wide average. We will advance the Premium Friday initiatives to help employees achieve these targets.
Sumitomo Corporation believes that creating greater value by embracing and leveraging the diverse values and ideas of employees is vital for its medium- to long-term growth and development. To make the most of our diverse workforce, promoting diversity in how we work is essential. We are therefore striving to create a work environment where employees can enjoy fulfilling personal and professional lives and deliver outstanding business results while maintaining and improving their health.
■Premium Friday logo
◆Flexible work style Sumitomo Corporation aspires to achieve
  1. Flexible work style that offers a higher quality of life and brings about efficient work practices on a daily basis
    This style of working increases productivity and helps employees feel refreshed physically and mentally. It also contributes to the maintenance and promotion of health.
  2. Flexible work style that suits each employee in terms of his or her current career and life stage from a medium- to long-term perspective
    In our journey through life, there are times when we need to focus on work in order to become a fully contributing member of our company. Conversely, there are times when our focus should be on our personal life as we undertake responsibilities around child rearing, nursing care, or other life events. “Work-Life Management*” is the term we use to represent the idea of each employee exercising personal initiative to manage his or her work and private life. Work-Life Management is closely related to human resource development and the increasing diversity of our workforce. We believe it is the basis for “diversity management,” which capitalizes on diversity to create value.
    Work-Life Management
      In December 2015, we changed the policy name “Work-Life Balance” to “Work-Life Management” to promote flexible work arrangements on both a daily and long-term basis and empower employees to manage their work and private life on their own initiative.
Paid leave utilization
  Paid leave taken in 2016 (Excluding employees working outside Japan and some employees seconded to Group companies)
  2016 2015 YoY comparison
Average number of paid holidays taken Career-
track employees
14.0 days 11.0 days +3.0 days
Clerical employees 17.7 days 16.8 days +0.9 days
All employees 15.1 days 12.7 days +2.4 days
    In 2016, we set the company-wide numerical target of “12 days or more for each employee,” and 92.7% of all employees achieved this target.
    For 2017, we have set the company-wide numerical target of “14 days or more for each employee” and will endeavor to achieve an average of at least 16 paid holidays for all employees.
  ●To encourage employees to take paid leave
    We encourage employees to take five or more consecutive days of paid leave for summer vacation or for other reasons as well as to take paid leave at least once a month. In addition, to achieve the “14 days or more” target, we encourage employees to use paid leave for the following purposes:
    To upgrade skills, network, or participate in personal empowerment programs
    To celebrate special family occasions or participate in children’s school events
    To take part in volunteer activities or other social contribution programs


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