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Sep. 21, 2016
Primeworks Studios Sdn. Bhd.
Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3)
Nippon Television Network Corporation
Sumitomo Corporation

TV3 and Nippon TV Jointly Produce Hit Comedy “J.K.K. Season 2” with Support from Japanese Government—Starts Airing November 2016

Primeworks Studios is proud to introduce “J.K.K. (Jenaka Kampung Kalut) Season 2,” a comedy-drama series co-produced with Japan’s largest broadcaster Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) and Sumitomo Corporation, to begin airing on November 20, 2016 on TV3. The project was selected for sponsorship by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications due to its outbound and inbound marketing prospects.
“J.K.K.” (chaotic village comedy) first went on the air in February 2016 on TV3 and garnered stellar viewer ratings. The upcoming second season will feature a new Japanese character who introduces various goods and regional travel destinations from her country, while still delighting viewers with the usual characters who can’t help but find themselves in hilarious situations before somehow managing to find a solution and laugh it off in the end. The name of the Japanese character is Mikan Nakamura, whose first name means orange in Japanese. Ten episodes of the second season will be shot in the studio, while three episodes will be filmed on location in Ehime, Nagano and Tokyo.
“J.K.K. Season 2” features many regional specialty products that will be available for purchase at ISETAN The Japan Store, which will open in Kuala Lumpur in October 2016. Many of the items will also be available for purchase in select stores in Kuala Lumpur and through Media Prima-operated online store WOW SHOP, allowing viewers to quickly obtain the goods they see on the program without traveling to Japan. What’s more, fans will be enticed to visit the many charming Japanese locales that set the stage for the cast’s wacky antics.
This most recent project was made possible by the great relationship between Primeworks Studios, Nippon TV and Sumitomo Corporation, which was nurtured over a two-year period that saw the creation of the co-productions titled “Welcome To The Railworld Japan” and “Best In The World Japan.” Nippon TV affiliate AX-ON Inc. has been providing production support in these two programs and will continue to do so with “J.K.K. Season 2.”
With a charming new character and loads of interesting information on Japan, “J.K.K. Season 2” takes its allure to new heights. This is truly a comedy-drama series you won’t want to miss!
The program was made possible by the cooperation between Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, Fan Japan, Inc., East Japan Railway Company, Ehime Prefectural Government, Ehime Film Commission, Nagano Prefectural Government, NAGANO CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU, Nankai Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Shinshu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and both the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, the Embassy of Malaysia in Japan. Program sponsors include the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Cool Japan Fund Inc.
Program Synopsis
Mikan is a young Japanese woman from Ehime Prefecture who works at Isetan in Kuala Lumpur. She secretly dreams of opening her own store that exclusively sells Japanese products. Her childhood friend Bijan suddenly shows up and asks her if she would like to open a store together in J.K.K. Mikan makes a courageous decision to finally open the store of her dreams. Named “The Japan Store,” it sells fruits and vegetables, daily sundries, cosmetics and many other Japanese goods. Things start off well, but J.K.K. never fails to live up to its name. Soon, the chaos begins and each day is filled with the never-ending cycle of trouble, followed by the villagers coming together to think of a solution and then finally laughing it off. Just when everyone thought that Mikan was running her business smoothly, she suddenly gets word that one of her parents has gotten sick and hurries back home to Japan. She reaches out to the villagers at J.K.K. and asks them to send some medicine from Malaysia. Worried about Mikan’s situation, they decide to fly all the way to Japan and bring the medicine directly to her. They get to Japan just fine, but as expected, begin to unleash their wacky antics in Ehime as well as Nagano. Will they really be able to deliver the medicine to Mikan??

 (second from right: Yumi, Malaysian-raised
  Japanese model/actress starring as Mikan)

Filming in Isetan Kuala Lumpur

Set of The Japan Store

Program logo

“J.K.K. (Jenaka Kampung Kalut) Season 2” Broadcast Details
Broadcaster : TV3
Broadcast Schedule : November 20, 2016 – February 21, 2017 Sundays 11:30 pm – 12 midnight

About Primeworks Studios
Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd is the award-winning content creation subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad and one of Asia’s largest production companies. Producing over 5,000 hours of compelling content annually for a range of platforms including television, cinema and digital, the production house is the creative force behind a wide range of genres including entertainment, magazine, documentary, sports, and drama. Flagship and popular shows include Anugerah Juara Lagu, Majalah 3, Nona, Welcome to the Rail World, Best in the World, Hip-Hoppin’ Asia, Jalan Jalan Cari Makan, Mentor, Melodi and Jejak Rasul. Primeworks Studios’ Asian Stories for the World content offering is marketed through its distribution arm, Primeworks Distribution.


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