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Sep. 07, 2015
Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation signed a contract for supply of TV broadcasting equipment to Télévision Tunisienne

Sumitomo Corporation (President and CEO: Kuniharu Nakamura; Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has received an order to deliver OB(Outside broadcasting) vans and studio equipment for the National Television Broadcasting Center Project (hereafter, “the Project”) in Tunisia,  by utlilizing STEP condition yen credit (Note 1) provided to Tunisian Government. The contract amount is equivalent to 1.5billion yen.

This is the first yen loan project undertaken by a Japanese company in Tunisia since that country’s democratization (Note 2). In building a new nation, Télévision Tunisienne will take on an even more important role as a key source of information for the public. Nevertheless, the country has been slow to adopt high-definition (HD) studio equipment and other new-generation devices, so the needs of the citizenry are still not being sufficiently met. Given this, the Project seeks to introduce modern broadcasting equipment into TT’s new television broadcasting center, which was constructed in the capital city Tunis, in order to enhance broadcasting content by modernizing TV broadcasting hardware and to provide more extensive information to the public. Sumitomo Corporation was selected for this Project following positive assessments of its work during the first phase in 2008 and its project administration capabilities. Sumitomo Corporation will have supplied and installed studio equipment from Sony Corporation as well as OB vans, and offered training to TT engineers from spring 2016.

In Southeast Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, Sumitomo Corporation has helped improve communications and broadcasting infrastructure, a vital foundation for economic activity and people’s day-to-day lives. Sumitomo Corporation will continue putting to good use the experience it has cultivated in order to further enhance infrastructure globally.

(Note 1) These are yencredits designed to promote “aid with a Japanese face” by utilizing Japan’s outstanding technology and know-how in technology transfers to developing countries. The interest rates, repayment period and other conditions for STEP yen  credit are more advantageous to borrowers than those available for ordinary yen credits.
(Note 2) Since the inauguration of the first president elected in a free and direct election

Reference: Control room to which the broadcast equipment was delivered, and the delivered equipment



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