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Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

Sumitomo Corporation aims to increase dividends by achieving medium and long-term earnings growth while adhering to its fundamental policy of paying shareholders a stable dividend over the long term.

During "Be the Best, Be the One (BBBO) 2017", the medium-term management plan launched in April 2015, we decide the dividend amount in view of the situations regarding basic profit and cash flow, with 50 yen per share as the minimum amount of annual dividend and a consolidated payout ratio of 25% or more as our reference.
Although the consolidated profits for FY 2016 resulted 170.9 billion yen,the annual dividend for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, is projected to be 50 yen per share as recently announced.
The year-end dividend is projected to be 25 yen per share since the interim dividend was 25 yen per share.
The annual dividend forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31,2018,is projected to be 50 yen per share based on our dividend policy during BBBO2017.

Earnings and Dividend per Share

For the years ended March 31 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Dividend per Share (Annual Total) ¥46.00 ¥47.00 ¥50.00 ¥50.00 ¥50.00
Interim ¥25.00 ¥23.00 ¥25.00 ¥25.00 ¥25.00
Year-end ¥21.00 ¥24.00 ¥25.00 ¥25.00 ¥25.00

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