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Business Activities

Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd. (October 11th, 2017)


Keiji Tanaka, President & CEO

Construction and Real Estate Businesses (March 21st, 2017)


Hirokazu Higashino, General Manager, Materials, Supplies & Real Eatate Division
Yukinari Shiraishi, General Manager, Building & Overseas Real Estate Business Dept.
Takeshi Niki, General Manager, Retail Facilities Dept.
Hiroaki Murata, General Manager, Housing & Urban Development Business Dept.
Akihito Nakamoto, General Manager, Strategic Real Estate Business Dept.

Acquisition of Fyffes (March 13th, 2017)


Hirohiko Imura, General Manager, Media, ICT, Lifestyle Related Goods & Service Business Unit
Takashi Yamana, General Manager, Food & Agriculture Business Division
Yoshikatsu Nakamura, General Manager, Food & Agriculture Business Development Dept.


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