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Message from the Chair of the CSR Committee

Our View of Sustainability

We think that sustainability means growing with society constantly by addressing social issues sincerely through our business activities. Operating businesses in a wide range of fields globally gives us innumerable points of contact with society. At each of these, we will heighten our awareness of and efforts to address social issues through our business activities. As well as meeting our corporate social responsibilities, including environmental preservation, respect for human rights, and compliance, we will tackle social contribution initiatives.
We believe that our activities must benefit not only our business but also society and the nation as a whole. The phrase "Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same" summarizes this business philosophy. Acting in accordance with its business philosophy and Management Principles and fulfilling its Corporate Mission makes the Group more sustainable.
The Sumitomo Corporation Group has defined its medium-to-long- term vision as "What We Aim to Be in 2019, Our Centennial Year," which describes one of its goals as the following: "We aim to be a corporate group that is recognized by society as meeting and exceeding the high expectations directed toward us, creating value that nobody else can match in ways befitting our distinctive identity." This endeavor entails that we constantly act from a medium-to-long-term perspective with the Corporate Mission Statement at the forefront of our minds. With this mind-set, we are working to become the leader in each industry in terms of both quantitative and qualitative aspects and a corporate group that is truly trusted by all of its stakeholders. We aim to make our vision of "What We Aim to Be" a reality and to continue to grow stably for another 50 years, 100 years, and beyond. It is therefore crucial to discuss what we want to achieve through our business activities and how these goals can be accomplished, followed by formulating growth strategies to guide us in this pursuit. I hope that all members of the Sumitomo Corporation Group will be able to unite to push us forward on this path.

Masao Tabuchi
Representative Director,
Senior Managing Executive Officer,
Chief Strategy Officer

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