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Objectives/Targets and Results

Setting Environmental Objectives and Targets

To reduce any adverse impact and promote environmental improvement, the Sumitomo Corporation Group sets annual environmental objectives and targets for the period commencing on April 1 and ending on next March 31.
At Sumitomo Corporation, the Eco Leader identifies the environmental aspects of each department and evaluates their seriousness every January and February, before setting each year's objectives and targets. Based on the results, EMS Promoters specify significant environmental aspects for each Business Unit and the Environment & CSR Department reviews them for the entire company. Significant environmental aspects for the entire company identified in this review are discussed at the Global Environment Committee meeting held every March, and after reviewing the achievement level for the current year, new objectives and targets for the following year are discussed and resolved.

FY2014 Environmental Objectives and Achievements (Sumitomo Corporation)

Management Area Objective Target
Environmental business Improve the environment through business activities and promote environmental businesses
  • Promotion of renewable energy businesses both in Japan and abroad: Participated in an offshore wind power generation project in Belgium; started construction of a wind power farm in Texas, USA; resolved to engage in a biomass power plant in Handa City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    Wind power generation now accounts for around 13% of the total power generation capacity of Sumitomo Corporation (838 Megawatts out of 6,396 Megawatts; as of end of September 2014)
  • Promotion of experimental projects to establish large-scale power storage facilities using reused batteries from electric vehicles: As a new project following the one in Yumeshima in Osaka, a joint experimental project agreement was concluded with the local government of Satsumasendai City in Kyushu to prepare the conditions for use of renewable energy on the Koshikishima Islands
Management of environmental impact Reduce environmental impact of business activities
  • Promoted monitoring and reduction of electricity and gas consumption as well as waste emissions at all offices in Japan (promoted the use of LED lighting fixtures; continued adjustment of illuminance and room temperatures). Achieved the reduction target of electricity consumption and waste emissions by 1% annually.
  • Assessment of environmental impact and influence caused by business operations: Conducted environmental assessment on mine development and mining operation businesses abroad and construction and real estate businesses in Japan, as well as soil pollution survey
Hazardous substance management Comply with chemical substance regulations
  • The Safety Management and Industry Law Committee of the Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit has been ensuring the management complied with industrial laws related to chemical substances
Logistics management Promote energy conservation in logistics
  • As a specified consigner under the Energy Saving Act, promoted reduction of environmental load keeping close ties with domestic carries. Achieved the reduction target of energy consumption rate in the domestic logistics by 1% annually at the average of 5 fiscal years.
Legal compliance Proper disposal of waste in accordance with the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law
  • Educated employees through continuous seminars by external instructors; conducted sessions of on-site inspections training at waste treatment facilities
Environmental education Promote employees' environmental awareness
  • Improved educational tools; provided training sessions for Eco Leaders, EMS Promoters and Internal Environmental Auditors; and provided lectures on environmental laws and environmental seminars by lecturers (including "Science on the System of the Earth: interpreting the cause of global warming," "ISO14001: trends of the 2015 revision and summary of the DIS version," and other WEB seminars)

FY2015 Environmental Objectives and Targets (Sumitomo Corporation)

Management Area Objective Target
Environmental business Improve the environment through business activities and promote environmental businesses
  • Expand renewable energy businesses
  • Promote businesses to help create a recycling-oriented society
  • Promote other businesses to reduce environment impact
Management of environmental impact Manage and reduce environmental impact (including management in supply chains)
  • Measure and reduce electric power/gas consumption and waste generation in all sites in Japan
  • Estimate and and reduce environmental load and influence of business activities (including promotion of energy conservation in logistics and increase of the number of sites to obtain environmental performance data)
  • Assess environmental impact in supply chain involved and promote reduction of such impact
Legal compliance Comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • Implement continuing education program on the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law
Environmental education Promote environmental education and communication related to environmental issues
  • Hold events including awareness-raising seminars related to environmental conservation
  • Promote efficient use of the environmental management systems (including preparation for the revision of ISO 14001standard)

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