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Objectives/Targets and Results

Setting Environmental Objectives and Targets

To reduce any adverse impact and promote environmental improvement, the Sumitomo Corporation Group sets annual environmental objectives and targets for the period commencing on April 1 and ending on next March 31.
At Sumitomo Corporation, the Eco Leader identifies the environmental aspects of each department and evaluates their seriousness every January and February, before setting each year's objectives and targets. Based on the results, EMS Promoters specify significant environmental aspects for each Business Unit and the Environment & CSR Department reviews them for the entire company. Significant environmental aspects for the entire company identified in this review are discussed at the Global Environment Committee meeting held every March, and after reviewing the achievement level for the current year, new objectives and targets for the following year are discussed and resolved.

Environmental business

Management Area Objective FY2013 activities
Environmental business Improve the environment through business activities (expand environmental business)
  • Participated in "Osaka Hikari-no-Mori (Forest of Light) Project" , one of Japan's largest mega-solar power projects
  • Completed the world's first large-scale storage battery system that reuses electric car batteries (Konohana-ku, Osaka City)
  • Built geothermal power station in Indonesia
  • Participated in US mega-solar power project
  • Participated in large-scale wind power projects in Akita Prefecture, Japan and in South Africa
Environmental impact management Reduce environmental impact of business activities
  • Calculated and reduced electric power/gas use and waste generation in all offices nationwide, and obtained third-party guarantee on energy use
  • Conducted environmental assessments (environmental impact management) and soil contamination studies in a timely and appropriate manner
Hazardous substance management Comply with regulations on chemical substances
  • Conducted monitoring based on relevant laws/regulations
  • Ensured environmental management including issuing SDSs via internal environmental audits
Logistics management Pursue energy conservation in logistics
  • Reduced environmental impact through close cooperation with logistics companies as a specified consigner under the Energy Saving Act
Legal/regulatory compliance Explain/enforce proper disposal in compliance with the Waste Disposal and Public Cleaning Act
  • Held joint training conducted by outside consultants with other company on environment-related laws/regulations(in April and May) and waste disposal(in November)
  • Held a Waste Management Procedure Seminar led by an internal logistics department
Environmental education Improve environmental awareness
  • Conducted sharing relevant information by the ISO Office

FY2014 Environmental Objectives and Targets

Management Area Objective FY2014 target
Environmental business Improve the environment by way of business and expand environmental businesses
  • Expand renewable energy businesses
  • Promote businesses to help create a recycling-oriented society
  • Promote other businesses to reduce environment impact
Management of environmental impact Reduce environmental impact of business
  • Monitor and reduce electricity, gas consumption, and waste emissions at all offices in Japan
  • Assess environmental impact caused by business operations
  • Assess and promote the reduction of environmental impact of the supply chain involved
Hazardous substance management Comply with chemical substance regulations
  • Strengthen the management system for chemical substances and supply chain management
Logistics management Promote energy conservation in logistics
  • Formulate and implement specific energy conservation plans for transporting cargo
  • Conserve energy by analyzing and achieving for efficient transportation through strengthening ties with domestic carriers
Legal compliance Proper disposal of waste in accordance with the Waste Disposal and Public Cleaning Act
  • Educate employees through continuous training seminars on the Waste Disposal and Public Cleaning Act
  • Implement on-site inspections and promote information sharing with other Group companies
Environmental education Raise employees' environmental awareness
  • Hold events like awareness-raising seminars related to environmental conservation
  • Share information related to environmental management through the ISO Office (Environment & CSR Department)

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