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Internal and External Environmental Audits

Internal Environmental Audit

Sumitomo Corporation conducts internal environmental audits on an annual basis to ensure that the environmental management system is functioning properly. In 2016 we carried out internal environmental audits in 289 domestic departments of Sumitomo Corporation and our group companies, with specific emphasis on (1) proper establishment of environmental targets, (2) management of progress in implementing the environmental action plan, (3) evaluation of compliance with legal requirements, and (4) implementation and enhancement of training. As a result of the audits, category-A and category-B nonconformity, as stipulated in the Internal Environmental Audit Administrative Rules, were not identified and the necessary preventive measures were promptly taken.

External Audit

The Sumitomo Corporation Group adopts an integrated authentication that allows management of multiple offices and organizations under a uniform environmental policy, which has been certified to conform to ISO 14001.
In July 2017, the third-party audits were conducted by an independent auditing organization, Japan Quality Assurance Organization, for the renewal of the current certification status. We received approval as a result of the audits.

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