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Environmental Accounting

Environmental conservation costs

(1,000 yen) FY2015 FY2016
(1) Business area cost 596,636 1,708,681
(2) Upstream and downstream cost 400 114
(3) Administration cost 375,392 354,362
(4) R&D cost 118,071 319,591
(5) Social activity cost 12,294 17,456
(6) Environmental remediation cost 284 272
Total 1,103,077 2,400,476

Environmental Conservation and Economic Benefits

Electricity consumption(kWh)
Paper consumption(sheets)
Environmental conservation benefits
Electricity consumption(kWh)
Paper consumption(sheets)
Economic benefits
(1,000 yen)
FY2015 FY2016 FY2015 FY2016 FY2015 FY2016
Electricity consumption 7,490,000 7,278,000 57,000 212,000 1,217 4,105
Paper consumption 28,975,000 25,681,000 857,000 3,294,000 726 2,802

Previous years' data for business area cost, electricity consumption, environmental conservation and economic benefits have been revised in line with actual management status.

Data scope: Head office, regional offices, branches and sub-branches (eight in total)
Environmental conservation and economic benefits are represented by reduction from the previous year.

Environmental Liabilities Identified

At the Sumitomo Corporation Group, environmental risks associated with land, buildings and other tangible fixed assets are identified and monitored using the ISO 14001 management methods, focusing on asbestos, PCB and soil contamination. The Company endeavors to apply the data obtained as information useful for management in making decisions. Also the obtained and relevant information is included in related in-house seminars and training programs, in order to facilitate the sharing of relevant information within the Group.

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