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Environmental Contributions Activities


How effectively can we use limited resources and energy in the global society? The need to shift to a “green economy” that achieves both environmental conservation and economic growth is a pressing issue.
As a global organization, the Sumitomo Corporation Group has a valuable perspective on global environmental problems. Based on the understanding that resource constraints and environmental problems are issues that span the globe and will have long-term impacts on future generations, we are contributing to sustainable development in environmental, social and economic aspects through sound business activity.

Activity Report

  • We are committed to creating a low-carbon society by developing a range of businesses in the environmental sector while continuing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated through on business activities.

  • Based on the recognition that natural resources and energy sources are limited, we promote the effective reuse and recycling of resources, aiming to build a recycling-oriented society.

  • We take appropriate actions to preserve the natural environment and ecosystems, focusing on the conservation of biodiversity through on business activities.

Environmental Management

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