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Sumitomo Corporation trains officers from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force's Staff College

As part of its social contribution activities, Sumitomo Corporation hosts and provides training for mid-career senior officers of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) enrolled in the Command & General Staff Course at the JGSDF Staff College. The Company initiated this project in 1989 at the request of the college, which considers it important that SDF officers learn firsthand about the values and activities of business corporations in order to gain a broader outlook in fulfilling their duties as senior officers. The 2012 program was held from Monday, May 14 to Wednesday, May 23, with the participation of three JGSDF officers, including one international student enrolled in the college from abroad.

Based on the requests collected in advance from the participants, the program consisted of extensive lectures that covered a variety of themes ranging from the Sumitomo Corporation Group's overall management concepts to its specific business activities, including management principles/strategies as well as business strategies. In addition to these lectures, we offered opportunities for the participants to visit various sites, including our Group company's business sites, a logistics center, our business partner's plant, and Sumitomo's historical legacy sites such as the Sumitomo Yuho-en garden in Kyoto and the Sen-oku Hakuko Kan museum that exhibits artwork collected by the Sumitomo family. During the program, the participants also had the chance to interact and exchange views with our employees of a similar age. This interaction provided enlightening insight not only to the participants but also to our employees, and served as a valuable opportunity for both sides to learn from each other.

The Legal Dept. giving a lecture on compliance-related matters

Exchanging views with mid-career employees

Feedback from the participants of JGSDF officers

Captain Takayoshi Tsukamoto

The training program provided us with an extremely beneficial opportunity to learn about the basic principles and action guidelines of Sumitomo Corporation as a general trading company. Working for a public organization, I found it a valuable experience to get to know the mindset of a global business corporation. I am determined to draw on what I acquired from the program in carrying out my duties of protecting our nation and helping to stabilize the international community.

Captain Hisao Ikeuchi

By participating in this training program hosted by Sumitomo Corporation, which contributes to society broadly in diverse fields both in and outside Japan, I was able to learn a great deal and broaden my outlook. I was particularly impressed by how the Company ensures its management principles are widely practiced by each and every employee and its long-standing corporate culture of taking good care of its people.
I am very grateful that the Company spared the time and resources to organize this program in May, which I presume is one of the busiest times of the year. I will always remember the generosity extended to us, and intend to put to good use what I learned from this training in pursuing my duties.

Major Adnan Sultan, Pakistan Army

Sumitomo Corporation works globally so I had a chance to learn how a company having business around the world operates and develops its business. The idea of interaction during 'Enkai' with different people is a good one and allows free exchange of views and opportunity to learn from each other.

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