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The Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship

Celebrating 50 Years of Corporate Activities, Establishment of the Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program

In 1996, as part of its 50th anniversary project, Sumitomo Corporation started its Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship. The program was established to help educate future leaders in developing countries in Asia, where Sumitomo Corporation has many offices and operation bases. In response to requests from various countries, regions and educational institutions, the program has grown to cover an increasing number of universities and graduate schools in more countries. The total number of students receiving scholarships from fiscal 1996 amounts to more than 16,000. Those people who completed their education through the scholarships are now demonstrating their expertise and leadership in a wide range of fields in each country.

A commemorative ceremony was held in Mongolia(April 2015)

Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program for Exchange Students supports Chinese students studying in Japan

Sumitomo Corporation has been providing support to students since first establishing its scholarship program in China in 1996. In light of China’s remarkable economic development over recent years, believing it important to expand the foundations for private-sector exchange and friendship between Japan and China, Sumitomo Corporation created a scholarship program for Chinese students studying in Japan to foster global leaders capable of realizing this aim. In addition to financial assistance to cover round-trip travel expenses and living costs in Japan, scholarship recipients enjoy opportunities for interaction with employees from Sumitomo Corporation China prior to leaving for Japan, and they are provided with advice regarding day-to-day life in Japan. These students are also invited to the Tokyo head office while in Japan to participate in training designed to enhance their understanding of business and culture in Japan, and are offered a variety of experiences unavailable in ordinary college life. The students who have participated demonstrate their commitment to efforts to continually improve their ability so as to act as bridges between China and Japan.

Students toured the J:COM Shonan Studio during training in February 2016

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