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Developing the Next Generation of Human Resources

Sumitomo Corporation's Hope for the Initiative

As a global organization contributing broadly to society the Sumitomo Corporation Group is supporting the development of the next generation of human resources who will drive in the sustainable development of countries and regions around the world. To that end, we are engaging in the following activities.

The Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship

Sumitomo Corporation established and continues to support the Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship to help educate future leaders in developing countries in Asia.

TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program (U.S.A.)

The TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program assists university students being sent to the U.S.A. on one-year exchange programs in order to develop human resources equipped with global perspectives and capable of taking active roles on the world stage.

Supporting the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra

Since 1992, Sumitomo Corporation has supported the musical activities of the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra, working from an overriding desire to contribute to the healthy development of youth through music.

Lectures bearing the Sumitomo Corporation name provided in three universities in China and Vietnam (China, Vietnam)

To support leadership development in China and Vietnam, the Sumitomo Corporation Group in 2006 started offering lectures and courses at Tsinghua University (Beijing) in China and Hanoi National Economics University and Foreign Trade University in Vietnam.

With a unique theme—"What Makes a Good Organization?" at Tsinghua University and "Corporate Management of Global Companies" at two universities in Vietnam., the courses are all designed to develop future leaders of these two countries. The Sumitomo Corporation Group works in cooperation with the universities to plan and run these courses, which bear the Sumitomo Corporation name. These courses are popular among students and get a good evaluation from local governments and other organizations, such as the one: "This program greatly contributes to human resources development and globalization within the region."

Japanese language education and cultural exchange in Danang City (Vietnam)

In November 2016, Sumitomo Corporation opened a Japanese culture room within the University of Danang–University of Foreign Language Studies to support students studying Japanese in Vietnam.

Assistance for high school students in impoverished areas of Yunnan Province (China)

China has seen remarkable economic growth in recent years, but even now there are young people compelled to give up school due to poverty. The Chinese government has prioritized assistance to impoverished areas, and the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs has since 1992 undertaken poverty relief efforts in the mountainous regions of Jinping County and Malipo County in Yunnan Province near the border with Vietnam.

Sumitomo Corporation has collaborated with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008 to provide school assistance to high school students in these counties.

Training and Hosting University Students from China

Training and Hosting University Students from China Cooperating for a program called "Visit Japanese Enterprises and Feel Japan" (a project to invite Chinese university students to Japan) initiated by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, Sumitomo Corporation offers training and homestays in Japan.

Welcoming students to Sumitomo Corporation

Aiming to help develop the next generation of human resources, Sumitomo Corporation provides high school students with opportunities to visit our office and learn how our company works.

Donation to primary school students in Myanmar (Myanmar)

Since 2005, the Yangon & Nay Pyi Taw Officies of Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania Pte. Ltd. have donated school uniforms and supplies to Primary school children in Yangon.

Contributing to the Sound Development of Children in South Africa (South Africa)

Sumitomo Corporation is supporting the education of South African children, who will become the future leaders of their country. One such initiative is making donations to the Mobile Library Project, which is run by a local organization, South African Primary Education Support Initiative (SAPESI), for the development and enhancement of South Africa's educational environment. Using its mobile library in the form of a bus, SAPESI has delivered books to 507 elementary schools to improve childhood literacy. Sumitomo Corporation is also supporting projects by local NGOs such as Action4 and Hannah House aimed at underprivileged children and people with disabilities.

In addition to these social contribution activities, together with our local partners in the iron ore, manganese and chromium mines in which we own an interest, we contribute to the sustainable development of South African society by providing assistance to local residents, primarily mine workers and their families.

Supporting the activities of the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia Business School (U.S.A.)

The Center on Japanese Economy and Business (CJEB), a major research organization at Columbia Business School, with a faculty consisting of leading experts in a variety of fields, promotes good relations between Japan and the U.S.A. and business and economic development in the two countries. It also pursues survey and research programs to address rapidly changing international conditions and offers policy recommendations when requested.
Sumitomo Corporation of America has continuously supported the activities of CJEB since its establishment in 1986 as a Lead Corporate Sponsor.

SCOA also cooperates and participates in conferences and forums to offer viewpoints as a global trading company. We also provide unique insights and information acquired by the Sumitomo Corporation Group in the area of global business development.

We will continue to support the activities of CJEB and cooperate and participate in research-related events as well as continuing to contribute to nurturing the Japan-U.S.A. relationship and the business and economic development of the two countries.

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