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As a Good Corporate Citizen

Sumitomo Corporation's Hope for the Initiative

As a good corporate citizen, the Sumitomo Corporation Group is contributing to the public good by engaging in a variety of activities, including the following.

Creating a Barrier-Free Movie Experience

Wanting to allow as many people as possible to enjoy movies, Sumitomo Corporation is active in the creation of barrier-free environments for movies.

Cooperation in a project to support the independence of disabled persons

Sumitomo Corporation hosts a sale event held in Harumi Island Triton Square, where its headquarters building is located, to support the independence of disabled persons. Organizations including Ayase Himawarien, a facility for supporting the independence of disabled persons, offer bread, small articles and other quality products made in their facilities at a reasonable price for people in the community. The event, in which disabled persons directly communicate with customers, has earned praise for providing disabled persons with good practice and motivation prior to their full participation in society.

Providing Donations and Supplies Following Major Natural Disasters

In the wake of large-scale natural disasters in and outside Japan, Sumitomo Corporation provides donations and relief supplies along with its sincere hopes for the earliest possible recovery of the affected areas. We also solicit donations from our officers and employees and send them to disaster zones via the Japanese Red Cross Society.

As a good corporate citizen, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities by taking prompt support measures in response to major natural disasters.

Employee-Participation Activities

Volunteer leave to encourage employees

In 1998, Sumitomo Corporation initiated a volunteer leave system to encourage its employees to participate in volunteer activities.

VOICE: I use the volunteer leave system to participate in activities for introducing Japanese culture to people in different countries. Every time I visit a country and demonstrate how to wear a kimono and ikebana flower arranging, I am impressed with the eagerness of the local people to learn about foreign cultures. I hope to encourage my colleagues to also join the program.

Participate in the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program and help children in developing countries

Under the TABLE FOR TWO program in which Sumitomo Corporation participates, every time an employee chooses a healthy meal at the company cafeteria, 20 yen (enough to pay for a school lunch in a developing country) is donated to help children in these countries become and stay healthy.

Helping Children with Disabilities Reach their Educational Goals (Romania)

Sumitomo Corporation Group member Summit Agro Romania, which is engaged in the import and sale of Japanese agrochemicals, fertilizers and seeds in Romania, supports a local NGO, Aurora, that helps children with cerebral palsy receive an education. The company has supported this initiative since 2007, the year of Summit Agro Romania's 10th anniversary.

As there are few such aid organizations in Romania, many children with disabilities are unable to attend school and have few occasions to interact with their peers. To help them develop their dignity and confidence through proactive communication with others and to eventually find jobs, the company assists Aurora in providing the children with learning opportunities and training for attending regular school. The company also provides various supports, including organizing communication events and a Christmas party for disabled children, Aurora employees and its own employees.

Other social issues facing Romania include children who have been left alone by parents seeking work in Western Europe. Summit Agro Romania is therefore planning to support orphanages that take care of such children.

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