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December 07, 2017

Visit by Chinese delegates from regions where Sumitomo Corporation provides student aid

On November 8 2017, Chinese delegates from Jinping and Malipo counties of Yunnan Province and Ministry of Foreign Affairs counselor Liu Kan visited the Head Office of Sumitomo Corporation. Invited by the Japanese government, the party come to Japan to visit Hiroshima and participate in the Japan-China youth exchange program, which celebrates the 45th anniversary of the normalized diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The visit was related to Sumitomo Corporation's youth aid program, launched in 2008. In cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have been providing assistance to high school students in Jinping and Malipo counties, which are situated in mountainous areas bordering Vietnam. To express their appreciation for our contributions, the delegation party took the opportunity to arrange a special visit in their tour itinerary.

On the day of visit, Chief Strategy Officer Masao Tabuchi welcomed the arriving party, saying: "We are grateful to have this opportunity to directly offer our deep gratitude to you and the local personnel who operate the program by selecting recipients, handling aid payment procedures and sending us students' school performances and letters. I ask for your continued cooperation and hope that our contribution will help expand possibilities for many students to develop their future careers."

Following this, Mr. Liu Kan spoke on behalf of the delegation party, extending his acknowledgement for our years of assistance and describing the actual use and effect of the funds. He stated: "We are striving to ensure effective use of support from Sumitomo Corporation. We carefully select students in need of financial help and confirm their performance on an ongoing basis, even after graduation. In China, where remarkable economic growth has been achieved, there are still 40 million impoverished people, as recognized by the government, including 120,000 in the two counties. Aiming to achieve a "moderately prosperous society," a government goal for 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue with aid activities."

A total of 39 visitors including Chinese embassy members

Deputy governors from Jinping and Malipo counties presenting commemorative plaques

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