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November 10, 2017

FY2017 One-day Internships Begin

Sumitomo Corporation's FY2017 one-day Internships have begun. This year's Sumitomo Corporation career support program will be held over a total of nine days – three days each in late October, early December, and mid-December – under the name of "Next Leaders' Camp." Because these programs are one-day events, more university students than usual are able to participate. The programs focus on one of three topics ("Business," "Leadership," and "Globalization"), depending on the timing.

This Next Leaders' Camp is entitled a "career support program" rather than an internship program to indicate that our aims are to provide genuine career education that goes beyond simple recruiting activities, to dispel the doubts and anxieties that students may face as they consider careers, and to support them in contemplating their own careers.

More than 300 university students participated in the first program ("Business"), gaining a deeper understanding of the roles of business and the values it should exhibit through lectures on the significance of business and on inter-industry comparisons as well as through business analyses utilizing the case studies from Sumitomo Corporation. A panel discussion was also held with the attendance of two employees who passed on messages to the students: Chikashi Saito of the Steel Sheet & Strip Business Department urged the audience to pursue studies that they can only undertake now as students, and Keisuke Hitotsumatsu of the Retail Business Department encouraged them to take another hard look at what they themselves really want to do. The students came away from these discussions better aware of the significant values in considering their own careers.

Applications for the next phase ("Leadership") will be accepted through November 20 and for the third phase ("Globalization") through December 8. We look forward to hearing from a large number of applicants.

Students were divided into groups for discussions, where they intensely debated the topic of "What is the role of business?".

Using approaches learned in the lectures, students made comparative analyses of the ways in which various industries exhibit values, and sought to exchange opinions and refine their own views.

In the panel discussion involving Sumitomo Corporation employees, students heard about actual experiences and lessons learned from the front lines of business, gaining a glimpse into the world of integrated trading company.

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