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September 21, 2017

Classy House Webcomic Launches

Classy House, a condominium brand developed by Sumitomo Corporation, has published a webcomic. Hiromi Okubo, one of Japan's current successful comic artists who is well-known for her latest title, Hito wa mitame ga 100% (It's All About the Looks), is creating a serial comic to introduce Classy House and Sumitomo Corporation's unique approaches to condominium development. Dramatized, easy-to-understand episodes will be posted on a special page on the Classy House website. The page will also contain updated behind-the-scenes stories of our housing development business and interviews with Classy House residents.

Originally founded as a real estate developer, Sumitomo Corporation started condominium business in the 1960s, when the collective house sector began to emerge in Japan. Since then, we have supplied 60,000 units over the past 50 years. As a pioneer in the industry, we adopted a number of then-innovative business methods that have become standard, such as using showrooms for sales and introducing a mortgage loan system. Also, we draw on our strengths as an integrated trading and business investment company in promoting collaboration with group companies, such as Jupitar Telecommunications (J:COM; broadcasting and communications service) and Summit (supermarket chain), seeking to enhance the quality of life for residents.

Sumitomo Corporation has engaged in the condominium business with a earnest attitude of commitment as a developer. For each Classy House project, one team is assigned to manage the entire range of processes from land acquisition, planning/design, and construction management to sales and after-sale services. We will continue with our condominium business, uphold our policy of devoted responsibility, and seek to create an valuable, irreplaceable living environment for residents and other nearby area.

The lead characters of the Classy House webcomic, created by comic artist Hiromi Okubo. Ms.Okubo was impressed by Sumitomo Corporation's enthusiasm for condominium development.

The top screen of the special page in the Classy House website, providing behind-the-scenes stories of condominium development projects

Classy House offers a higher class of living through the fusion of function and beauty. (photo: Classy House Shibaura)

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