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August 8, 2017

Holding Playful Street 2017 at Kandanishiki-cho Terrace Square

On July 23, an event for children called "Playful Street 2017" was held at the Terrace Square complex, which was developed and constructed by five companies, including Sumitomo Corporation. Having worked on the re-development of the area, Sumitomo Corporation supported the event by providing the venue and sponsorship to revitalize the local community.

Playful Street 2017 offered more than 15 events enjoyed by both children and their parents, including programming, bookbinding, treasure hunting, cooking class in English, and an exhibition, and a talk show,on outer space. For the three hundred participants who attended, the event was a good way to start their summer vacation.

Playful Street 2017 was held to make Kandanishiki-cho, home to many office buildings, but where only a few children can be seen on the weekend, a pleasant town for children to live in and a place where enhanced education is provided. Companies and organizations in the Kandanishiki-cho area offered workshops as future learning experiences with their own unique approaches. A participant who experienced the "Kid's barista" said, "I participated in this event, as I came to know that a kid's event would be held at Terrace Square. I enjoyed playing with the kids and drinking a good cup of coffee."

Members of Sumisho Building Management's Town Development Team added, "We are very happy that we created a place full of smiling kids in Kandanishiki-cho, considered to be a business district."

"Town Development Using Cardboard" was bustling all day with children demonstrating their creativity to complete many work pieces.

The venue for the event was the lobby of Terrace Square, where many events were concurrently held, allowing children to experience various activities.

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