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April 21, 2017

Sumisho Montblanc hosts 2017 exhibition

Sumisho Montblanc is an uniform manufacturer in the Sumitomo Corporation Group. With around 1,000 distributors nationwide, the company supplies uniforms for use in food services including eating establishments, food processing facilities, and medical and nursing institutions. On February 2–3 and 8–9, Sumisho Montblanc hosted its 2017 exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively. The exhibition was tremendously successful at both venues, attracting a combined total of 1,500 visitors, who keenly observed the displayed products under the guidance of Sumisho Montblanc employees.

Sumisho Montblanc is the leading company in the uniform industry, consistently paving the way with new ideas in the arena of food services, food processing and medical and nursing institutions. To showcase its wide-ranging products, the exhibition was arranged into 13 sections, each of which featured its own display style and colors, and the floor layout was configured in a way that helped visitors gain a better understanding of the products. As Tomoyuki Soeda, manager of the Product Planning Division, commented, "We are trying hard to make this exhibition and its products stick in the minds of visitors."

The food service workers’ uniforms featured motifs of kimono and other traditional Japanese attire, with a focus on washoku (Japanese food), a hot topic of global interest. Also on show was MONTBLANC SMOOTH-FIT, a popular uniform for food processing workers that allows wearers to easily move about without compromising hygiene. By running an augmented reality (AR) app on a smartphone and holding it over a catalog photo in which special codes were planted, visitors were able to view 360-degree three-dimensional footage of a model wearing the uniform, a feature that attracted a lot of attention.

In the medical and nursing section, colorful and stylish medical scrubs as well as uniforms made under licensed brands such as Asics, Laura Ashley, Junko Koshino and the newly added Minions and Pets drew the attention of many visitors.

Sumisho Montblanc not only strives to propose uniforms that enable wearers to work comfortably and with style, it also makes efforts to give consideration to the environment and reuse resources. By adopting a new material using natural pigments such as onion skin, Sumitomo Montblanc is also placing emphasis on incorporating an ethical perspective into manufacturing. The company intends to continue making the best use of its customers’ inputs to develop even better products.

Activating an app to observe a 360-degree AR to gain a firsthand sense of how the company’s MONTBLANC SMOOTH-FIT offers freedom of movement.

The exhibition took the theme of "move in WAVES," expressed in the form of a heart-shaped wave motif, which embodies the company’s desire to create uniforms that adopt a wide range of wearer-friendly features.

While conventional synthetic fibers are difficult to dye with natural substances, Onibegie, an environmentally friendly synthetic fiber material, can be dyed with onion skin and olives. The material is used to make uniforms for medical professionals and restaurant employees.

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