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April 3, 2017

2017 Initiation Ceremony Held

On April 3, 2017, a ceremony was held at Sumitomo Corporation's head office to welcome 157 new employees. President Kuniharu Nakamura gave a speech and handed letters of appointment to each of them.

In the speech, Mr. Nakamura advised, "the basics are important to materialize your ambitions and passions in business." He also asked, "Please remain grateful to those who have helped you grow and reach the point you are at now, and return something back to society." In closing, he offered encouraging words: "As members of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, you should be committed to meeting the expectations of customers, business partners, and society as a whole. Let's take on challenges with an upbeat attitude to make the Group attain first place in terms of not only amount of profit but also by offering a one and only unique value to society."

President Kuniharu Nakamura conveying to new employees the frame of mind expected of Sumitomo Corporation employees

A new employee learning of his first assignment in a letter of appointment from the president

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