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December 28, 2016

Bird Friendly® Coffee won the Judging Committee Special Award

The Bird Friendly® branded coffee handled by SC Foods Co., Ltd. (SC Foods) has been honored with the Judging Committee’s Special Prize in the “5th Contest for Corporate Activities on Biodiversity,” sponsored in part by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The award was given in recognition of eco-friendly efforts made in conjunction with production areas based on the concept of cultivating coffee trees while maintaining the forests that offer migratory birds resting spots. The awards presented in this contest are aimed at encouraging companies and business operators engaged in preserving biodiversity to broaden their activities, with 10 of this year’s 80 submissions receiving awards.

Bird Friendly® coffee is organic coffee sold at a premium price and cultivated in the shade of tropical rainforests (shade trees) where biodiversity is protected. The US’ Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, which undertakes activities to protect and research migratory birds throughout the world, has set out certification standards. As of November 2015, 37 plantations (cooperatives, unions, etc.) in 12 mostly Latin American countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, etc.) have received certification. These plantations return a part of their revenues to fund efforts to research and protect migratory birds as well as environmental conservation activities.

As an avid supporter of this endeavor to conserve biodiversity and ensure a steady revenue stream for farmers, our Group has been involved since 2004 in the import and sale of Bird Friendly® coffee, and we will continue working to tie the coffee market to environmental protection.

This effort was acclaimed as a model case of offering consumers an easy means of contributing to biodiversity conservation through a single cup of coffee

Coffee trees cultivated beneath shade trees offer an environment in which migratory birds can safely build their nests

Bird Friendly® coffee can be purchased from Kaldi Coffee Farm and Ogawa Coffee. Further information is also available on Instagram

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