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September 28, 2016

MPT donates solar lanterns to monastic schools in Myanmar

Sumitomo Corporation is engaged, together with KDDI and Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), in the communication business in Myanmar. As part of its CSR efforts, MPT recently donated 2,000 solar lanterns(*) to 632 monastic schools across Myanmar, enabling nearly 58,000 students to study under the electric lighting.

Electricity is not available in certain parts of Myanmar. In the areas where monastic schools and homes do not have electric power, many students have to rely on candlelight for studying after sun set. Electricity is needed for improvement of the learning environment. The monastic schools receiving the solar lanterns were quite pleased that they can now turn on the lights at any time, allowing their students to study more than before.

Sumitomo Corporation, KDDI, and MPT keep committed to doing their part to resolve social issues as members of the local community.

(*) Small lighting fixtures that store up the electricity generated by solar power during the day for use at night. As clean and reliable lighting fixtures that do not emit CO2, these lanterns can be used for home lighting in the areas without access to electric power.

Solar lantern donation ceremony at a monastic school

One hundred students lined up with hands put together to welcome the MPT delegation

Students say that they can even study at night

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