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October 16, 2015

Logements Tower Umeda Wins 2015 Good Design Award

"Logements Tower Umeda," a condominium in which Sumitomo Corporation teamed up with MID Urban Development Co., Ltd. for the planning and development, was recently named the winner of the 2015 Good Design Award. The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Its aim is to identify and recognize good design that enriches lifestyles and industries. With the recent recognition of Logements Tower Umeda, apartment buildings in which Sumitomo Corporation has been involved have now received the award for two consecutive years, following the win for Korien Residence in 2014.

Logements Tower Umeda is an apartment tower complex located within walking distance of Umeda Station in Osaka Prefecture, the largest terminal in western Japan. Despite being in the heart of the city, it offers a quiet and comfortable residential environment. The award recognized the tower's sophisticated exterior with meticulously designed details and the adoption of an advanced technology known as a "V-shaped-plan seismic isolation structure" developed by Takenaka Corporation, the firm in charge of design and execution of the building. Conventionally, L-shaped buildings are constructed as two buildings connected with expansion joints. The new technology, however, allows for the L-shaped apartment building to be designed as a single whole, thereby reducing structural vibration in the event of an earthquake. It also eliminates the gaps caused by expansion joints connecting two buildings, which contributes to barrier-free access and achieves a well-proportioned external appearance.

Sumitomo Corporation remains committed in its housing and urban development business to provide housing that attains both functionality and aesthetic appeal while placing top priority on the security and safety of residents.

Logements Tower Umeda is an L-shaped tower apartment complex with 21 floors above ground. It contains 254 housing units.

V-shaped-plan seismic isolation structure achieves safety and functionality

Soft lighting gently illuminates the property

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