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August 13, 2015

Sumisho Well Support Established to Promote Employment of People with Disabilities

Sumitomo Corporation strives to offer a workplace environment where a diverse group of employees can leverage their unique characteristics to create new value and deliver results.

As part of these efforts, Sumitomo Corporation established Sumisho Well Support Co., Ltd. on September 1, 2014 as a workplace that provides employees with intellectual and other disabilities with an opportunity to fulfill their potential. Having acquired certification from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as a special subsidiary company, Sumisho Well Support commenced operations on December 24, 2014.

The main services offered by Sumisho Well Support include business card creation, office document recycling, and document digitization, which are undertaken at the request of Sumitomo Corporation Group companies. The company also performs data input using computers, prepares for conferences, and engages in other wide-ranging services on behalf of Group companies.

Operational procedures are clarified and standardized, and tasks are delegated in ways that befit the individual characteristics of each worker in order to enable the employees to steadily execute their duties in an environment in which they can feel at ease. Now that tasks previously conducted at the respective divisions of Sumitomo Corporation Group companies can be outsourced to Sumisho Well Support, the employment of people with disabilities is being promoted and operational efficiencies of Group employees have been enhanced.

Sumitomo Corporation is determined to continue making concerted efforts to create workplace settings that enable its Group employees to work in a diversity of styles.

The company was named in the hope of "supporting" the Sumitomo Corporation Group "well."

Sumisho Well Support employees are good at intricate office-related tasks such as creating file dividers.

Twelve workers are currently happily employed at the company.

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