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Human Resource Management Policy

Aiming to "Be the Best, Be the One"

Effective recruitment, development, and utilization and the active involvement of human resources who can lead global businesses are the most important issues for the Sumitomo Corporation Group to win out the current ever-changing business environment and achieve sustainable growth.

For this reason, we are making continuous efforts toward training and fostering new employees on a Companywide basis, the dissemination of Sumitomo's business philosophy—the basis of the Management Principles—and developing human resources. We use a combination of on-the-job training and off-the-job training to promote effective development of human resources, with the former based on job rotations and the latter reflecting the characteristics of each business, while encouraging the active involvement of diverse human resources.

Under the medium-term management plan" Be the Best, Be the One 2017," to strengthen individual ability on a global basis, in April 2016 we introduced a new Human Resource System aiming to accelerate human resources development. In addition, we will promote the appropriate allocation of human resources in line with the medium-to-long-term strategy.

Human resources allocation in line with business strategies

Realizing appropriate human resources allocation from the medium- to long-term perspective in order to implement individual initiatives with prime importance

Talent cannot be developed overnight. There is a need to envision, develop and deploy human resources required for the growth of each business in the medium- to long-term. For this reason, each business unit formulates and implements recruitment and job rotation plans aligned with their business strategies, taking the next 10 years into account.

In addition to this type of HR management at the level of each business unit, company-wide HR management is also implemented to support each business unit in the securing of personnel necessary to advance their top-priority individual initiatives, as well as to arrange the transfer of personnel among business units to ensure appropriate allocation of human resources from the medium- to long-range perspective. This transfer of personnel includes job rotations intended for HR development.

We will continue upgrading this strategic HR allocation to enhance workforce capabilities across the Company.

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