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Vision of the Human Resources We Seek

Human resource development will play an essential role in realizing the vision for the Company in its centennial year in 2019.

In developing a vision of the human resources we are seeking to build our foundation for the next 100 years, we are promoting the following three factors, starting with the necessary qualities, actions, and abilities:

  • People with spirit and a lofty sense of ethics
  • People who accept diverse values but think for themselves and act on their own initiative
  • People who can create new businesses themselves without being constrained by existing frameworks

This vision of human resources has been determined on the basis of the value standard defined by the Management Principles and Activity Guidelines of the Sumitomo Corporation Group as well as in light of the nine core behaviors of the SC VALUES, which all employees are expected to share and practice. Sumitomo Corporation is seeking human resources who have a clear vision and strong commitment, as well as demonstrate leadership at their respective levels of the organization, through the practice of the SC VALUES. We also seek professionals who can take responsibility for what they do, display a broad spectrum of knowledge and a high level of expertise in a particular area, and achieve superior performance.


  • 1. Integrity and Sound ManagementTo comply with laws and regulations, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • 2. Integrated Corporate StrengthTo create no boundaries within the organization; always to act with a company-wide perspective.
  • 3. VisionTo create a clear vision of the future, and to communicate to share it within the organization.
  • 4. Change and InnovationTo accept and integrate diversity in values and behavior, and to embrace change as an opportunity for action.
  • 5. CommitmentTo initiate, own and achieve organizational objectives.
  • 6. EnthusiasmTo act with enthusiasm and confidence, and to motivate others through such action.
  • 7. SpeedTo make quick decisions and act promptly.
  • 8. Human DevelopmentTo fully support the development of others' potential.
  • 9. ProfessionalismTo achieve and maintain high levels of expertise and skills.


Recruiting Personnel Who Will Lead Global Development

As a global business, we seek talented personnel who are able and eager to work in the global business arena. To this end, we conduct fair, non-discriminatory recruitment activities with respect for fundamental human rights. Specifically, we apply the same screening process to all employee candidates, irrespective of their gender, academic background, or nationality, and our selection criteria consist only of applicants’ aptitudes and abilities. As part of our human resource strategy, in addition to new graduates, we regularly recruit mid-career employees to secure capable personnel who contribute to operations immediately.

Number of New Employees and Breakdown

Promoting Employment of the Disabled: Sumisho Well Support

In 2014, we established Sumisho Well Support Co., Ltd., as a special subsidiary company. Currently, 18 employees are engaged in a variety of jobs, including business card production, data entry operations, and office paper recycling. Through this subsidiary, we promote the employment of the disabled. As of June 1, 2016, the employment rate of the disabled was 2.13%* of our workforce, above the 2.00% statutory level.
* Total for the Company on a nonconsolidated basis and Sumisho Well Support Co., Ltd.

Sumisho Well Support Co., Ltd.

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