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Integrated Corporate Strength

Strong Business Foundation

Robust business foundation built through our vigorous business activities


We have built up integrity over many years based on Sumitomo's Business Philosophy.

Global network

With approx.130 offices in 66 countries and regions and approx.950 subsidiaries and associated companies, our business network provides a platform for the prompt and secure transfer of goods, funds, and information.

Global relations

We have established close and multifaceted relations with over 100,000 customers around the world across all industries.

Intellectual capital

The wealth of know-how, experience, and information accumulated through dedicated and enthusiastic work of our diverse personnel in their respective fields

Diverse, High-level Functions

Striving to make our functions even more sophisticated and innovative to meet the needs of our customers

Business development

The ability to create new business without being constrained by existing frameworks, as well as to identify promising new products, develop new markets, and build partnerships

Market intelligence & information gathering and analysis

The ability to collect various information on every industry and market worldwide through a wide range of business activities and to correctly analyze this information

Logistics solutions

The ability to build and operate optimal logistics flow through optimized inventory management, just-in-time delivery, and other means

ICT solutions

The ability to fully utilize information and communications technology (ICT) to refine our business models and offer solutions to the customer issues

Financial services

The ability to offer various services based on financial technology, such as funding, project finance structuring, leasing, and liquidation of assets

Risk management

The ability to conduct integrated management of diverse types of risk, including credit risk, market risk, and business risk, which has been developed over many years of conducting various business activities

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