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Sumitomo Corporation Group's Integrated Corporate Strength

Core Competence

Integrated Corporate Strength enables us to strategically and organically integrate our robust business foundation and our diverse, high-level functions, thereby creating new value.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group is a corporate group committed to business activities in a wide range of industries on a global scale.
Its core competence is its Integrated Corporate Strength.

Sumitomo Corporation possesses a strong business foundation, which is comprised of integrity, global network, global relations, and intellectual capital, as well as diverse, high-level functions made up of business development, market intelligence & information gathering and analysis, logistics solutions, ICT solutions, financial services and risk management.

Strong Business Foundation
Diverse, High-level Functions

Our core competence, Integrated Corporate Strength, enables us to strategically and organically integrate this business foundation with diverse functions to meet the needs of our customers, while creating new value by anticipating change and transcending existing frameworks.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group regards this Integrated Corporate Strength as its core competence—a source of competitive advantage in all of its business activities in various fields—and every employee is committed to continuous enhancement of this strength.

Expansion of the Scope of Businesses

Adapting flexibly to changes of the times and growing together with business partners

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has been expanding the scope of its businesses by adapting flexibly to changes of the times as well as by offering functions and filling roles required by our customers and business partners. Our operations now include trade business such as domestic trade, import/export, and offshore trade, as well as business investment and management in every stage of upstream to downstream business activities.

Rapid economic development of emerging countries, shortages of energy and food supplies. . . amid the ever-changing global environment, the Sumitomo Corporation Group's business arena is further expanding. Growing together with business partners around the world by constantly staying a step ahead in dealing with change and creating new value—this is what the Sumitomo Corporation Group aims at as a sogo shosha (an integrated trading company).

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