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Sumitomo Corporation Group's Unique Business Activities

Creating new value by staying a step ahead in dealing with change and transcending existing frameworks as a way to help solve social issues

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has expanded its scope of business to cover the upstream segment (resources development, manufacturing, etc.), midstream segment (distribution, etc.), and downstream segment (retailing, service, etc.) to develop its value chain.

At the same time, the global economy is undergoing a paradigm shift, a so-called "axis change" which has brought about a shift in economic growth from developed countries to emerging countries. In this changing environment, the Sumitomo Corporation Group is expected to identify needs based on social issues and offer solutions by transcending existing frameworks.

Creating new value by staying a step ahead in dealing with change and transcending existing frameworks to help solve social issues—this is what the Sumitomo Corporation Group does in its business activities and what differentiates the Group from the rest of the pack. Our enthusiasm for benefiting and contributing to society is in our DNA that has been inherited from our predecessors. Through our sound business activities, we will strive to continue our commitment to society far into the future.

REPORT 01 Expanding into New Markets

Mining Equipment Business: From Canada to the World

Mining development is thriving, driven by intensifying global competition for untapped natural resources. This report introduces the sales and after-sales services of mining equipment conducted by Sumitomo Corporation by leveraging its enhanced sales agency function.

REPORT 02 Solutions through Innovation

Power Plant Lease Project in Indonesia

Indonesia is facing a severe power shortage. This report introduces a project for construction of major power generation plants with a total power generation capacity of 2,640 mega watts, which Sumitomo Corporation has undertaken to support the country's economic development.

REPORT 03 Introducing Japanese Agricultural Business Model Across the Globe

Agribusiness to Spread Agricultural Cooperative Style Service from Romania

In Romania, 60% of the country's area is provided for farming. However, yield per unit area is only about one-third that of France due to Romania's limited use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers coupled with a lag in mechanization. This report introduces a new service started by Sumitomo Corporation in Romania.

REPORT 04 Supporting Lifestyles

Retail Business Incorporating Trends in Consumption Behavior

Widespread use of the Internet and mobile phones has changed the way we communicate and obtain information, and diversifies consumption patterns. This report introduces Sumitomo Corporation's retail business targeting general consumers, which meets the needs of the diverse lifestyles of consumers and constantly creates new value.

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