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Sumitomo Corporation Group's Unique Business Activities

Creating new value by staying a step ahead in dealing with change and transcending existing frameworks as a way to help solve social issues

The Sumitomo Corporation Group has expanded its scope of business to cover the upstream segment (resources development, manufacturing, etc.), midstream segment (distribution, etc.), and downstream segment (retailing, service, etc.) to develop its value chain.

At the same time, the global economy is undergoing a paradigm shift, a so-called "axis change" which has brought about a shift in economic growth from developed countries to emerging countries. In this changing environment, the Sumitomo Corporation Group is expected to identify needs based on social issues and offer solutions by transcending existing frameworks.

Creating new value by staying a step ahead in dealing with change and transcending existing frameworks to help solve social issues—this is what the Sumitomo Corporation Group does in its business activities and what differentiates the Group from the rest of the pack. Our enthusiasm for benefiting and contributing to society is in our DNA that has been inherited from our predecessors. Through our sound business activities, we will strive to continue our commitment to society far into the future.

Vol.1 Aiming for the Best Mix of Global Energy Sources

Striving to achieve a sustainable society by leveraging renewable energy

Offshore wind power has recently become a focus of attention in renewable energy sources. Sumitomo Corporation entered the Belgian offshore wind power business in 2014 and is currently conducting three projects. Sumitomo employees spoke about the difficulties in succeeding in overseas business projects and the meaning of working on offshore wind power projects.

Vol.2 Supplying Power to Build the Foundations for Our Lives

Offering a global foundation for life and mobility with construction machinery and transportation systems

Roads, railroads, bridges, buildings, and housing: Construction equipment powers the building of essential infrastructure. Since the 1990s, Sumitomo Corporation has been helping to build the foundations for our lives by providing this power through its equipment rental business. Read more about one of our initiatives, a construction equipment rental business based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Vol.3 Ensuring Japan's Future through Support for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Protecting lives and health through life science

Japan is one of the first nations facing full-scale demographic aging with a falling birth rate. Boosting the level of healthcare itself will be necessary to help Japan find solutions to the current challenges of spiraling healthcare costs and population decline. The Sumitomo Corporation Group is supporting the search for those solutions through efforts in the arenas of drug manufacturing and drug discovery.

Vol.4 Creating the World's Future through Aluminum Manufacturing

Sustaining everyday life with industrial materials

Aluminum is used in as wide a range of areas as steel. Sumitomo Corporation participated in its first aluminum smelting project in Malaysia in 2010. Since then, we have been working in Malaysia to provide a stable supply of this metal, which is essential to the industries of the future.

Vol.5 Revitalizing the area hand in hand with the local people

Bringing out the potential of local communities through urban redevelopment

The business of real estate is not limited to the construction of new buildings. It also involves creating new communities, new cultures, and new life. Sumitomo Corporation is now moving forward hand-in-hand with local citizens to build a new future-ready community in Kanda, the oldest downtown in Tokyo.

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