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Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit

Business Lines

  • Businesses related to coal, iron ore, non-ferrous metal materials, uranium, petroleum, natural gas and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), battery materials, carbon-related materials, and their semi-finished/finished products
  • Synthetic resins, organic/inorganic chemicals, rare earth elements, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, electronic materials and EMS* businesses

    EMS: Electronic Manufacturing Service

Business Overview

The Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit develops businesses in the fields of mineral resources, energy, basic chemicals, electronics, and life sciences.

In the field of mineral resources and energy, the Unit is concentrating efforts bringing forward the completion and profit realization of project that are in ramping up stages, such as the Ambatovy nickel project and the Sierra Gorda copper and molybdenum mine project. Regarding existing production rights, the Unit will continuously strive to reduce costs, improve profitability, and replace existing assets with higher-quality ones that have stronger cost competitiveness and greater growth potential.

In the trading business, the Unit is engaged in the trading of carbon products, steel making materials, petroleum, and natural gas, as well as the provision of commodity derivatives trading functions. The business has been expanding into the global market, focusing on markets in which demand growth is expected such as China and various other Asian countries.

In the field of chemicals and electronics, the Unit is engaged in business related to basic chemical products including synthetic resin materials as well as organic/inorganic chemicals and cutting-edge electronic materials, and is involved in EMS in Asia, the United States, and Europe. The Unit also undertakes global business in pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, pet supplies, and more.


Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit

Masahiro Fujita
General Manager

  • Planning & Coordination Dept., Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit
  • Project Management Dept. for Mining & E&P
  • Mineral Resources Division No.1
    • Non-Ferrous Metals & Raw Materials Dept.
    • Sierra Gorda Project Dept.
    • Nickel & New Metals Business Dept.
    • Lead & Zinc Business Dept.
    • Commodity Business Dept.
  • Mineral Resources Division No.2
    • Coal & Nuclear Fuel Dept.
    • Carbon Dept.
    • Iron & Steel Making Raw Materials Dept.
  • Energy Division
    • E&P and Natural Gas Business Dept.
    • Energy Trading Dept.
  • Basic Chemicals & Electronics Division
    • Petrochemicals Dept.
    • Inorganic and Performance Chemicals Dept.
    • Electronics Business Dept. No.1
    • Electronics Business Dept. No.2
  • Life Science Division
    • Medical Science Dept.
    • AgriScience Dept.
    • Crop Science Dept.
    • Animal Health Science Dept.

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