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Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit

Business Lines

  • Media businesses in the cable television and multi-channel programming distribution segments
  • Network businesses in the telecommunications, Internet and IT-related business segments
  • Lifestyle/Retail businesses in the TV shopping channel, supermarket, drugstore, fashion, and brand business segments
  • Food/food product businesses
  • General materials and supplies (including cement, wood, etc.) businesses
  • Construction and real estate ventures

Business Overview

The Media & General Products Business Unit is engaged in businesses in the areas of media, network, lifestyle/retail, food, materials and supllies, construction, and real estate.
In the media segment, the Unit has developed business in terms of both infrastructure and content focusing on the cable television (CATV), multi-channel programming distribution, and movie-related businesses. With respect to the network segment, the Unit has been launching businesses around IT solutions, mobile communications, and the Internet.
In the lifestyle/retail field, the Unit continues to develop retail businesses, primarily the TV shopping channel, supermarket, drugstore, fashion, and brand businesses, in response to the diversifying lifestyles of consumers.
In the foods area, the Unit is involved in all aspects of production, sales, and quality management, placing the highest priority on consumer safety and security.
In the materials and supplies field, the Unit provides high-quality and competitive materials and supplies for social infrastructure in each of ready-mixed concrete, and wood construction material segments. In the construction and real estate field, the Unit focuses on the lease/management of office buildings and commercial property, residential development/subdivision businesses, a real estate fund business, and other large-scale mixed-use development ventures.


Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit

Hirohiko Imura
General Manager

  • Planning & Coordination Dept., Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit
  • Media Division
    • CableTV Dept.
    • Broadcasting & Cinema Business Dept.
  • Network Division
    • Integrated Mobile Business Dept.
    • IT Solution Dept.
    • Myanmar Telecommunication Business Project Dept.
    • Investment Development Dept.
  • Lifestyle & Retail Business Division
    • Retail Business Dept.
    • Direct Marketing Dept.
    • Textile Business Dept.
  • Food & Agriculture Business Division
    • Food & Agriculture Business Development Dept.
    • Fresh & Processed Food Dept.
    • Fruit and Vegetables Marketing & Distribution Dept.
    • Grain & Oils Dept.
    • Sweeteners & Beverages Dept.
  • Materials,Supplies & Real Estate Division
    • Wood Resources Business Dept.
    • Building Materials & Cement Dept.
    • Materials & Supplies Business Development & Promotion Dept.
    • Building & Overseas Real Estate Business Dept.
    • Retail Facilities Dept.
    • Housing & Urban Development Business Dept.
    • Strategic Real Estate Business Dept.
    • Real Estate & Construction Dept., Osaka
  • General Construction Development & Coordination Dept.

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