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Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit

Business Lines

  • Social infrastructure businesses such as electric power, water supply and sewerage systems
  • Renewable energy businesses such as solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation ventures
  • Environmental businesses such as next-generation batteries and recycling
  • Industrial infrastructure businesses such as industrial facilities and equipments
  • Logistics, insurance, and overseas industrial-park-related businesses

Business Overview

With the mission "to contribute to society through infrastructure enhancement, adding our own value to it," the Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit works on infrastructure businesses by integrating our strength in a wide variety of fields, including electric power (including renewable power generation), water, power plant EPC*1, plant machinery/facilities, next-generation batteries, logistics, and insurance.
In the field of environmental and infrastructure projects, we engage in trade and projects in businesses related to industrial machinery, construction facilities, electric power wholesaling and retailing in Japan, wind and photovoltaic power generation outside of Japan, water supply and sewerage systems, environmental recycling, aerospace/satellite/aircraft control equipment, and batteries.
In the power infrastructure field, we are building a stable revenue base through the optimal combination of electricity business overseas and power plant EPC. An achievement in EPC delivery record of the Business Unit is the highest of any trading firm, totaling approximately 48,000 megawatts. As for IPP/IWPP*2 projects, the Business Unit's 2012 power generation capacity, primarily located in Asia and the Middle East, reached approximately 5,271 megawatts.
In the areas of logistics and insurance, we provide multiple logistics functions domestically and internationally via Sumisho Global Logistics Co., Ltd. and other group companies and construct overseas industrial parks in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

  • *1EPC: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • *2I(W)PP: Independent (Water and) Power Producer


Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit

Michihiko Kanegae
General Manager

  • Planning & Adminstration Dept., Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit
  • Environment & Infrastructure Project Business Division
    • Machinery & Equipment Business Dept.
    • Renewable Energy Dept. No.1
    • Renewable Energy Dept. No.2
    • Water Infrastructure & Environmental Solution Business Dept.
    • Infrastructure Plant Project Business Dept.
  • Global Power Infrastructure Business Division
    • IPP & IWPP Dept. No.1
    • IPP & IWPP Dept. No.2
    • IPP & IWPP Dept. No.3
    • Power Plant EPC Dept. No.1
    • Power Plant EPC Dept. No.2
    • Battery Business Development Dept.
  • Logistics & Insurance Business Division

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