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Japan and Overseas Regional Organizations

Japan Regional Organizations

Business in Japan is operated by three offices—Kansai Office, Chubu Office, Chugoku Office and three domestic subsidiaries—Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation Hokkaido Co., Ltd., and Sumitomo Corporation Tohoku Co., Ltd. There are 22 offices in total across Japan, including the Tokyo Head Office.

Kansai Office

Kansai Office includes the regional offices of Shikoku Branch Office and Niihama Branch Office.

Chubu Office

Chubu Office includes the regional office of Hamamatsu Branch Office.

Chugoku Office

Chugoku Office includes the regional offices of Imabari Sub-Branch Office.

Overseas Regional Organizations

The overseas regional organizations have been consolidated into four broad regions—East Asia; Asia & Oceania; Europe, Middle East, Africa & CIS; and the Americas—in order to further strengthen the functions of each regional business, such as the ability to initiate new businesses and secure and develop human resources. This reorganization also makes it possible for us to solidify the foundation of each regional organization and efficiently allocate our corporate resources into growing markets around the world.

These four broad regional organizations work in close collaboration and share common product and regional strategies with the five business units of the Tokyo Head Office, leading the creation of business overseas by fully utilizing our strengths and functions so as to enhance our earning power on a global basis.

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