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Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Media, ICT, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit


Company Name Details of Business
ASMIK ACE, INC. Production and distribution of movies, videos, and game software
Channel Ginga Co.,Ltd. Supplier of general entertainment programming
Chiba Kyodo Silo Co., Ltd. Grain storage
CSA Fund, Inc. Being part of an anime production committee. Acquiring foreign distribution rights and promote anime outside of Japan.
Discovery Japan Inc. Operation of documentary programming"Discovery Channel"and animal programming"animal planet"
EWEL, Inc. Corporate benefits administration outsourcing
IG Kogyo Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of insulated metal panels for roofing and walls
J SPORTS Corporation Supplier of sports programming
JUPITER ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. Operation of movie programming "Movie Plus", women's entertainment programming "LaLa TV" and VOD service "milplus"
Jupiter Golf Network Co., Ltd. Supplier of golf programming
Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd. Operation of TV Shopping Channel
Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Cable TV multiple system operation and multi channel broadcasting (link to J:COM group systems)
JUPITER VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. Production and supplier of "Act On TV" and "Act On BB"
KI Fresh Access, Inc. Large area middle trader business of fresh vegetables and fruits and Service center business
Mammy Mart Corporation Supermarket chain
Nissin Sugar Co., Ltd. Sugar refining
S.C. BUILDING SERVICE CO., LTD. Facility management of buildings in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
S.C. Cement Co., Ltd. Sale of cement, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products
S.C.BUILDING SERVICE WEST CO.,LTD. Facility management of buildings in Kansai region
SC Foods Co., Ltd. Import, marketing of meats and foods
SCSK Corporation System integration, IT infrastructure implementation, IT management,BPO, IT hardware & software sales
Seven Industries Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of laminated lumber and wood products
SMB Kenzai Co., Ltd. Sale of building materials
Sumisho Airbag Systems Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of cushion for side curtain airbag
Sumisho Brand Management Corporation Import, designing and sales of the German luxury line of Chenille fabrics brand "FEILER″and women's apparel and accessories brand, "NARA CAMICIE"
SUMISHO BUILDING MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Property management of office buildings
Sumisho Interior International Inc. Interior design, construction and interior product procurement, import , export and sales of furniture and carpet
Sumisho Montblanc Co., Ltd. Planning, production and sales of white coats, service industry uniforms, work uniforms and related clothing products, as well as production and sale of linen materials
Sumisho Realty Management Co., Ltd. Asset management business of real estate
SUMISHO TATEMONO CO., LTD Sale and management of residential properties; housing remodeling
Sumisho Urban Kaihatsu, Co., Ltd. Planning, development, management, and operation of shopping centers
Sumitex International Company Limited Production and sale of textile products and materials
SUMMIT COLMO, INC. Retailer of apparel & housewares
Summit Oil Mill Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of vegetable oil and oil meal
SUMMIT, INC. Supermarket chain
T-Gaia Corporation Sale of cellular phones and fixed line telecommunication services
TOMOD'S INC. Drugstore chain
Yasato Kosan Co. Ltd. Owning and operating of golf course; Summit Golf Club (Ibaraki Pref.)


Company Name Details of Business Country/Region
Emerald Grain Pty Ltd Grain Accumulation & Sales Australia
MobiCom Corporation LLC Integrated telecommunication service in Mongolia Mongolia
Terneyles General forest products company Russia
P.T. Summitmas Property Management, operation and leasing of office buildings Indonesia
Presidio Ventures,Inc. Strategic venture investment in USA U.S.A.
PT MONOTARO INDONESIA Online retailer of maintenance, repair & operations products, and office needs Indonesia
SANYOU DRUGSTORES, LTD. Drugstore chain in Taiwan Taiwan
SHOP Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Developing a multimedia retail business in Thailand Thailand
Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Limited Strategic venture investment in Asia Hong Kong
Tiki Corporation Online retailer of books and other goods Vietnam

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