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Corporate Officers

As of November 13, 2015

Directors (13)

Representative Directors are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Corporate Auditors (4)

  • Standing Corporate Auditor (Full-Time)
    • Takahiro Moriyama
  • Corporate Auditor (Full-Time)
    • Nobuhiko Yuki
  • Outside Corporate Auditor
    • Tsuguoki Fujinuma
  • Outside Corporate Auditor
    • Haruo Kasama

Executive Officers (36)

  • President and CEO
    • Kuniharu Nakamura**
  • Executive Vice President
    • Naoki Hidaka**General Manager, Transportation & Construction Systems Business Unit
    • Hiroyuki Inohara**Chief Financial Officer
    • Michihiko Kanegae**General Manager, Environment & Infrastructure Business Unit
  • Senior Managing Executive Officer
    • Masaru NakamuraResponsible for Kansai Region;
      General Manager, Kansai Office
    • Hideki Iwasawa**Chief Administration Officer
    • Masahiro Fujita**General Manager, Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit
    • Koichi TakahataAssistant CFO, Accounting,
      General Manager, Accounting Controlling Dept.
  • Managing Executive Officer
    • Kiyoshi OgawaGeneral Manager, Internal Auditing Dept.
    • Masao SekiuchiGeneral Manager for Asia & Oceania,
      CEO of Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania Group,
      President and CEO, Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania Pte. Ltd.
    • Masato SugimoriAssistant CFO, Risk Management
    • Akira SatakeAssistant CFO, Finance
    • Hiroki InoueGeneral Manager for East Asia;
      CEO of Sumitomo Corporation China Group;
      General Manager, Sumitomo Corporation (China) Holding Ltd.
    • Masao Tabuchi**Chief Strategy Officer,
      Managing Executive Officer, Responsible for Chubu Region
    • Hirohiko Imura**General Manager, Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit
    • Kiyoshi SunobeGeneral Manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa & CIS;
      General Manager for Europe;
      CEO of Sumitomo Corporation Europe Group;
      Managing Director, Sumitomo Corporation Europe Holding Limited;
      Chairman and Managing Director, Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited
    • Makoto Horie**General Manager, Metal Products Business Unit
    • Toshikazu NambuGeneral Manager for the Americas;
      President and CEO of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas Group;
      Director and President of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas
    • Masayuki HyodoGeneral Manager, Corporate Planning & Coordination Dept.
  • Executive Officer
    • Fumihiro KobaGeneral Manager, Steel Sheet & Construction Steel Products Division
    • Shoichi KatoPresident, KI Fresh Access, Inc.
    • Atsushi ShinoharaPresident and CEO, Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd.
    • Shingo UenoGeneral Manager, Energy Division
    • Michihiko HosonoAssistant CAO, General Affairs & Legal
    • Akira TsuyuguchiSenior Managing Executive Officer, Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company, Limited
    • Hiroyuki TakaiPresident, Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd.
    • Takeshi SaraokaGeneral Manager, Planning & Administration Dept., Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit
    • Shuichi SuzukiGeneral Manager, Tubular Products Division
    • Hideo OgawaGeneral Manager, Planning & Administration Dept., Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Services Business Unit
    • Daisuke MikogamiDirector, Executive Vice President, Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
    • Shoichiro OkaGeneral Manager, Automotive Division, No. 2
    • Tsuyoshi OikawaGeneral Manager, Mineral Resources Division No.2
    • Tsutomu AkimotoGeneral Manager, Global Power Infrastructure Business Division
    • Masato IshidaAssistant General Manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa & CIS,
      General Manager for Middle East,
      Managing Director, Sumitomo Corporation Middle East FZCO
    • Takeshi MurataGeneral Manager, Ship, Aerospace & Transportation Systems Division
    • Nobuki AndoGeneral Manager, Materials, Supplies & Real Estate Division

Directors (Representative Directors) are indicated by two asterisks (**).

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