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Domestic Media Site Tour:Tour sponsored by the Corporate Communications Department

  • Domestic Media Site Tour

    Visit to Chiba Kyodo Silo and Summit Mihama Power

    The latest visit was to Chiba Kyodo Silo Co., Ltd. (CKS), which is the largest logistic company in terms of volume of handling wheat in Japan, and Summit Mihama Power Corporation, which delivers electricity to the Chiba Food Industrial Complex, where CKS is based.

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  • Domestic Media Site Tour

    Visit to Yokohama Laboratory, the backbone of Sumitomo's pharmaceuticals business

    The latest visit was to a worksite of Sumitomo's pharmaceuticals business.

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  • Overseas Media Site Tour

    Visit to power plants in Java, Indonesia

    In the latest of our site tours for media reporters, designed to give the media a deeper understanding of the business activities of Sumitomo Corporation, we visited Indonesia to introduce a large-scale coal-fired power plant, which we constructed and own and lease to an Indonesian state-owned electricity company; and a geothermal power station, to which we supplied equipment under EPC contracts.

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