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Creating New Value for Society via Logistics

November 2014

Sumisho Global Logistics

Providing high added-value comprehensive logistics services

Sumisho Global Logistics (SGL), a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, has been providing competitive high-quality comprehensive logistics services since its establishment in 2006 by leveraging its strengths: information capabilities distinctive to an integrated trading company-affiliated logistics company, network capabilities that extend globally, and the credibility that comes with the Sumitomo brand.

SGL's operations fall into four broad classifications: (1) arranging and managing distribution (logistics services), (2) running domestic logistics centers (center operations), (3) providing door-to-door transport of equipment to overseas destinations (international logistics), and (4) renting out Maxicon containers uniquely designed for the transport of liquids (logistics equipment business). In all of these businesses, SGL provides high added-value logistics services utilizing know-how accrued by the Sumitomo Corporation Group in the course of providing logistics for a broad spectrum of business sectors.

In logistics services, SGL arranges and manages a range of products offered by Sumitomo Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation Group companies, commercial distribution of various types, import/export procedures and international transport spanning the globe. Utilizing the know-how unique to an integrated trading company-affiliated logistics company, SGL selects optimal transport routes, completes trade procedures, arranges marine and air transport, and provides management and control functions such as border checks to ensure compliance. The experts that constitute SGL's staff arrange logistics for the entire Group precisely and promptly, giving due consideration to the perspectives of shippers, importers/exporters, logistics companies, and end users.

Sumisho Global Logistics operates worldwide in developing optimal supply chains

Reliably delivering products to general consumers and stores

In center operations, SGL runs logistics centers across the country and provides logistics services capable of meeting both B-to-C and B-to-B needs. Playing a key role in the B-to-C delivery of products to general consumers is the Akanehama Center in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, which receives, sorts, processes and distributes shipments from major mail-order companies and utilize this know-how to provide high-quality services to a variety of companies.

Other logistics centers carry out B-to-B center operations for apparel, general merchandise and such products for stores as well as telecommunications infrastructure materials and similar goods. Offering storage at three temperature ranges – frozen, refrigerated and room-temperature – and operating on a 24/365 basis, these centers are also knowledgeable in the handling of food products requiring expertise in temperature and hygienic control.

The Akanehama Center ships more than 10,000 types of products to more than one million persons monthly

Providing international intermodal transport combining marine, air and ground transport

In its international logistics business, SGL has adopted the business approach known as NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) in providing international logistics services without owning its own ships. It integrates and optimizes marine, air and ground transport services, plans transport routes and provides NVOCC services in import/export and trilateral trade centered on the Americas, Europe and Asia.

In this sector, SGL is particularly effective in providing one-stop service for the transport of plant and manufacturing equipment, production parts/materials and final products as companies expand overseas. Working in collaboration with the Sumitomo Corporation Group's domestic and international networks, SGL handles in-house all operations from receiving to packing, loading, customs clearance, and small-lot delivery, and offers stress-free logistics by proposing beforehand measures that take into consideration the customs clearance and logistics situations in the host countries.

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is another service characteristically provided by trading company-affiliated logistics companies. VMI involves setting up a warehouse near the customer company's factory and supplying the needed parts when they are needed, enabling customers to reduce the inventory risk they face.

SGL proposes transport methods carefully tailored to cargo size and specifications

A pioneer in liquid transport

The core of SGL's logistics equipment business is the rental of pallet-size collapsible Maxicon containers for the transport of liquids. SGL lends out containers collapsible to 1.1 meters square to customers for use in the transport of liquids. Inner bags are placed inside these containers and then filled with the liquid. A wide range of companies, especially those in the food product and cosmetics sectors, have found this a very convenient container for bringing high-mix low-volume and seasonal products as well as new products to market.

Customer companies have been won over to this container by its significant economy as a means of transporting and storing throughout the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products, by the high level of quality control exhibited in cleaning and maintaining the containers, and by the ability of the container to function in line with the characteristics of the liquid being transported.

SGL is now moving ahead with complements to Maxicon, including a resin Maxicon offering convenience and light weight and resin drums for use in small-volume transport, and is expanding its services as a solution provider for liquid transport.

A one-ton Maxicon can be easily assembled by a single worker

Logistics is an essential part of infrastructure for modern society

The logistics business goes beyond simply moving goods from one point to another. It requires imagination to develop optimal transport methods and routes in accordance with the needs of different customers and creativity to reliably implement those transport plans. Each and every person involved in this work must have an abundance of imagination and creativity.
Logistics is an essential part of modern society's infrastructure, supporting the very foundations of commerce, industry and people's day-to-day lives. While improving the quality and speed of the services integral to logistics, SGL must continue thinking outside the box in taking on challenges and robustly supporting social and economic activities, all the while utilizing the integrated corporate strength of the Sumitomo Corporation Group to provide society with new value. This is SGL's objective.

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