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A Designer-Producer of Space for Fulfilling Lives

Updated March 2018

A "lifestyle editor" to refine living and business environments

Sumisho Interior International Inc., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, serves as an integrated planner-designer of space at diverse facilities including business offices, hotels, airport lounges, hospitals, schools and residences. The service extends to cooperative work with other contractors, material procurement and installation. It is a leading-edge producer of space that allows people to get as much fulfillment as possible from their jobs and their lives.
What's Sumisho Interior International's business motto? It's to best serve customers as a "lifestyle editor" and a "one-stop solution provider."
Playing the role of a lifestyle editor, the company literally edits people's lifestyle by combining furniture, carpets, ornaments, etc., and thereby creating the best imaginable living spaces.
Contributing in this respect is the Group's signature information network, which can procure a wide range of top-quality products and materials from around the world. For any contract, Sumisho Interior International closely examines customer needs and determines the spatial conditions customers want, followed by the steps of deciding an appropriate space layout and purchasing products and materials that match the arrangement. All this is put together in a single package and delivered to customers.

Executive lounge of high-end senior residence to provide pleasant life

An integrated service provider covering consultation and after service

Also, Sumisho Interior International's 'one-stop solution' service represents a business model that offers integrated help from initial consultation on the customer's needs up to property handover. Now let's take a look at some examples of Sumisho Interior International's office relocation and repair work.
The firm's executive office renovation service, for example, starts with an in-depth customer interview on what the office will be used for. Interviews are often held with executives themselves. The full understanding of the office's functions, the number of occupants and their personal preferences clears the way for actual design work and the steps of selecting suppliers and deciding their delivery date.
The firm is also expected to show results in project management. It takes it for granted to be strict in its schedule management and cost control. And even after the relocation it spares no effort to respond fully to customers' requests, such as those for layout change and maintenance work.

Well designed and stylish work place to meet a variety of client needs

On the strength of Sumitomo Corporation's credibility

Sumisho Interior International is known for its diversity of contracts. Major contracts it won previously include: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (furniture and carpets provided under a Tokyo head office renovation project); All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (furniture for use in the VIP lounge of Haneda International Airport's international terminal); Tokyo Station Hotel (ornaments and paintings on the walls of lobbies, corridors and rooms); Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (the research center's desks and sofas); and Sumitomo Corporation (the training center's carpets, furniture, curtains, etc.).

The prowess of Sumisho Interior International is also exercised in commercial facilities and housing properties, like condominiums that the company's Construction & Real Estate Division is involved in. This indicates that customers have long placed full trust in our work, a trust backed up by Sumitomo Corporation's huge credibility in society.

Public space of urban style condominium with interior design coordination

To provide space where you can spend your time, feeling comfortable and fulfilled

Business people tend to spend many hours in offices. In hotel and airport lounges, crowds of people come in and out constantly. What matters most is whether the users of a space can spend their time feeling relaxed and fulfilled, and it is this that holds the key to success in the job of creating spaces.
To further boost the quality of space creation it is essential to secure professionals who can perform this task. Taking this into full account, Sumisho Interior International stands ready to keep developing skilled human resources, people who can find the best solutions in terms of idea, product and material and present them to customers accurately. The company's goal is to be able to cope with an even wider diversity of needs based on a combination of human resources power and Sumitomo Corporation's procurement strengths.

Airport gate lounge in Japan. Designed to precisely meet the customer's diverse and elaborate requests and needs

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