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Unparalleled "Only One" Brand that Brings Happiness to Customers' Lifestyles

Updated April 2017

Effecting the synergy of two distinguished brands

In 2012, two subsidiary companies of Sumitomo Corporation, NARA CAMICIE CO., LTD. and MONTRIVE CORPORATION, were united to establish Sumisho Brand Management Corporation.

This company has been promoting NARA CAMICIE, an Italian brand specializing in shirts and blouses, and the German lifestyle brand FEILER.

Both are high-quality brands underpinned by European sensibilities, craftsmanship, and tradition. Although they sell different products, the two companies share a commitment to manufacturing "genuine items" that never lose their value, to pursue top quality, and to continually offering distinctive lifestyles that appeal to customer sensibilities.

The two companies have increasingly shared logistics functions, systems, and know-how as a result of this merger, achieving higher quality customer service and strengthening their management base. Building on this, Sumisho Brand Management hopes to become the best partner possible in Japan for a third, a fourth and even more world-class brands.

FEILER is famous for its beautiful colored design chenille accessories

NARA CAMICIE--A synonym for beauty and elegance

NARA CAMICIE has gained great popularity among women mainly due to the beautiful silhouettes and diverse designs of its products. While many retailers start out carrying a comprehensive range of lifestyle products in addition to garments, NARA CAMICIE began operating in Japan in 1988 as an "only one" shop specializing in shirts and blouses, and established a unique position in the market. It is no surprise that both mother and daughter are fans of the brand.

NARA CAMICIE's most defining characteristics are its abundant designs and its color variations. The beautiful silhouettes of its products are another draw, and NARA CAMICIE employs three-dimensional patterns to make body lines more attractive by comfortably fitting garments to feminine curves.

According to the occasion, NARA CAMICIE offers shirts and blouses suited to the full spectrum of day-to-day activities, supporting active roles for women as it grows into a brand that inspires confidence in the women who wear it.

One of the most appealing attributes of NARA CAMICIE is clothing designs that bring forth the beauty of those that wear them

Adorning a quality life with FEILER

FEILER first came to Japan 45 years ago and has been sold in department stores across the country, and its own Ginza Flagship Shop was opened in 2015. Most people have seen the brand's vivid floral patterns on black material.

The chenille fabric perfected by FEILER utilizes carefully-selected raw cotton that is woven over multiple processes by skilled artisans, and the fabric has a substantial but soft feel that grows increasingly comfortable against the skin. The outstanding quality of the brand's sturdy and durable products made with chenille fabric, a traditional woven textile from Germany, have made it a lifestyle brand handed down through families' histories and appreciated across generations and eras as thoughtful gifts to give the special people in one's life.

To make the brand more familiar to potential customers across a broader range of ages, the company since 2015 has been opening "LOVERARY BY FEILER" gift shops offering products with pastel coloring and playful designs in fashion buildings in Tokyo and Osaka as well as the "Ekinaka" shopping complex in Tokyo Station. Brand recognition has grown as mothers, daughters, and granddaughters have all come to enjoy FEILER products.


Bringing happiness to women on a daily basis

NARA CAMICIE operates 65 stores in Japan, 15 in Taiwan and one in Singapore as of 2017. FEILER products are offered in more than 100 shops in Japan in an abundant lineup including interior goods and baby items as well as handkerchiefs and bags. Both brands have been adding a touch of happiness to the everyday lives of women as their products gain greater trust and a higher percentage of women enter the work force.

Although department stores constitute their principal sales channels, these brands have been expanding their sales channels to direct-sales shops, fashion-oriented shopping complexes, and online shops as well as shopping channels, other TV sales and shops in outlet malls to offer their customers greater convenience.

By matching the high fashion sensitivity, continuous pursuit of quality, and rich business experience in Japan of both brands along with Sumitomo Corporation's global network, we will further promote their growth and realize the philosophy of Sumisho Brand Management "bringing happiness to customer lifestyles through delivering products and services that are relied on and favored by customers."

Online stores have been launched as part of our efforts to expand sales channels

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