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Supplying Safe, Secure and Delicious Food—Yongenton Silky Pork— to Japanese Consumers

Updated March 2017

Delivering quality food from abroad to Japan

In recent years, the demands of consumers for food industry have been becoming more and more diversified, and consumers now expect to supply more delicious, safe and secure food products at more reasonable prices. Sumitomo Corporation, jointly with SC Foods Co., Ltd., has developed various products to supply world-class meat and processed meat products to Japanese consumers.

One of such products is Yongenton Silky Pork, a new branded pork introduced in autumn 2010. The below describes the characteristics of this delicious, safe and secure American pork.

Yongenton hogs are raised in a stress-free environment on the vast Goldsboro farm.

Flavor brought out by making full use of Japanese and American know-how

Sangenton pork, widely available in Japan, is generally a crossbred of three breeds: Large Yorkshire (Large White), Landrace and Duroc, regardless of whether it is domestic or imported. Sumitomo Corporation has also handled the product for more than a decade. Yongenton Silky Pork is a four-breed crossbreed of Sangenton and Chester White which is a very rare hog breed in Japan. (*Refer to the diagram on the right for hog breeds.) By crossing the four breeds, a beautiful pale rose color and both tender and succulent meat texture have been realized. The branded pork is characterized by marbling called sashi. Quality pork with soft and gentle yet sweet fat, but with no strong smell and heaviness, is now on the market.

We also analyze the correlation between each breed used for crossbreeding and the resulting meat texture, based on which individuals with a pedigree that ensures an improved meat texture are constantly selected. In the development process, we conducted a consumer survey to identify what kind of pork is preferred by Japanese consumers. The result shows that the sweetness of the fat and texture of the meat are the most important factors affecting their preference.

This quality that is equal to, or surpasses domestically produced branded pork qualities is realized by dedication to quality by both American and Japanese staff. Sumitomo Corporation has paid attention to the sweet fat and meat texture preferred by Japanese consumers. In cooperation with a Japanese research laboratory, Sumitomo Corporation developed a special mixed feed to realize sweet fat and meat texture by adjusting the amino acid balance of the feed. Meanwhile, Goldsboro Hog Farm, a designated farm of Sumitomo Corporation, is known for its management based on the policy of raising hogs in a healthy manner. Jointly with the IVEY brothers who are the managers of the farm, Sumitomo Corporation adopted a method of feeding hogs with twelve different types of mixed feed, whereas three or four types of mixed feed are usually fed according to the various stages of growth. The joint research efforts of staff in the United States and Japan have resulted in the establishment of the more fine-tuned, unique feeding technique.

The unparalleled sweet taste of fat and tenderness of the meat, which Japanese consumers prefer, have been realized with our dedication to quality and superior technologies.

Yongenton Silky Pork is a branded pork developed with state-of-the-art technologies.
Chester White, Large Yorkshire (Large White), Landrace, Duroc, Yongenton Silky Pork

Producing premium pork by thoroughgoing safety control

Sumitomo Corporation takes particular care in regard to safety controls and has designated Goldsboro Hog Farm exclusively to produce Yongenton Silky Pork. Hogs are raised in a clean environment and managed by full-time veterinarians and dieticians. The feed is inspected for residual pesticides and any foreign substances under Japanese standards. Pork handled by Sumitomo Corporation is completely traceable by using a system that identifies the process stage and location. Moreover, in order to transport pork not frozen, but refrigerated, to Japan, using Sumitomo Corporation's logistics functions, we developed an independent tracking route to transport the product. At the same time, temperatures inside the containers heading for Japan are also recorded. This system allows safe and secure pork to be delivered fresh to Japanese consumers.

The image of imported pork being cheap and thus insecure is already a thing of the past. Yongenton Silky Pork is a brand of pork offering the quality and safety that exceed those of Japanese pork.

The IVEY brothers have been the partners of Sumitomo Corporation for 15 years.

Branded pork creating new added values

Yongenton Silky Pork produced with these world-class technologies is hitting shelves more and more in wider areas in Japan, thanks to the sales force of SC Foods. Such a comprehensive business operation ranging from joint development of feed, production management, processing and import to sale, can only be undertaken by Sumitomo Corporation.

Sumitomo Corporation has sought pork that suits Japanese consumers' tastes based on its extensive knowledge of Japanese consumer preferences. Our overseas partners have accumulated know-how on livestock farming, while enforcing thorough hygiene and safety controls. Dedication to quality of all the related companies formed this large-scale collaboration that brought about Yongenton Silky Pork. Since 2010, when we started selling Yongenton Silky Pork, we have received many inquiries from mass retailers, convenience stores, restaurant operators, and take-out food service companies, and the sales volume has been steadily increasing.

It has a color of pale rose, an exquisite sweetness and juicy taste. The tasty, safe and secure new premium pork will continue to bring new added value to Japanese dining tables.

The quality can be appreciated most when it is used for main dishes such as tonkatsu and shabu-shabu.

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