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Sumitex International expands its sales channels by accelerating overseas business and developing diverse products

Updated March 2017

Capitalizing on competitive development capacity and a global network

Sumitex International Company Limited (hereinafter, "Sumitex") extensively manufactures and markets textile products for well-known apparel companies and retailers handling such item as suits and children's clothing, both in Japan and overseas. Sumitex, a 100% subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, provides all the services about textile business activities ranging from supplying and procuring materials to designing, manufacturing, and distributing apparel products, and enjoys a great advantage in making full use of the Sumitomo Corporation Group's global network. By establishing a system that ensures consistency in the quality of products through, for example, rigorous quality control executed by expert staff, Sumitex is capable of manufacturing stable quality products that completely support the value of the brand names under which they are sold.

Sumitex was established in 2007 through a merger and integration of Sumisho Textile and Sumitex.

Production in Vietnam generates high value at low cost

In addition to offering consistent quality, low cost operations are another crucial element of our business. To provide the level of quality demanded by the market at low cost, it is essential to manufacture products overseas. Having established a factory in China in the early phase of the business, Sumitex also began garment production in Vietnam ahead of the rivals in the early 1990s. As part of its "China plus one" strategy, we have endeavored to strengthen our manufacturing sites and training professional worker in Vietnam. Summit Garment Saigon (SGS), Sumitex's main product facility in Vietnam, having 1,400 workers for its exclusive garment production lines, manufacturing 1 million garments annually to meet market demand.

SGS's fine-tuned quality control is well-received by its customers.

Serving as the platform for Sumitex's Asian strategy

In April 2012, we established Sumitex Vietnam Limited Liability Company (hereinafter, "Sumitex Vietnam"), which became Vietnam's first Japanese textile trading company to hold a commercial license. By establishing this subsidiary, we are now not only able to manufacture garment products in Vietnam, but also market them within the country, as well as engage in textile import/export activities that are led by the company. In addition, we are now able to undertake global business that is centered on Vietnam; for example, manufacturing products in Vietnam for European brands and exporting them to the world. Sumitex China Company Limited, a consolidated subsidiary under indirect ownership, was established in 2012 in China, where we have already acquired a substantial track record, with the objective of further streamlining operations and strengthening cost competitiveness. The pillar of Sumitex's Asian strategy is by drawing on its know-how accumulated through businesses in China and Vietnam to expand its network of manufacturing bases to encompass Cambodia and other neighboring countries for the purpose of extensively serving as an original design manufacturer (ODM: a company that plans, designs, and manufactures products that are then branded by another company).

Apparel products made in Vietnam are distributed around the world.

Supplying theme parks with goods jointly developed from the planning stage

Sumitex is also well-versed in the production of sundry and character goods sold at theme parks. We occasionally develop the goods jointly with theme parks directly from the planning stage. At one popular theme park, Sumitex supplies various souvenirs excluding foods. Thanks to technologies that allow us to utilize diverse materials such as ceramics and plastics in addition to production and distribution of textile products, we have given birth to a wide range of products and continue to sequentially launch new products.

Sumitex currently handles and sells over 8,000 products. Stepping further afield from manufacturing and marketing textile products, we leverage our comprehensive expertise in fields ranging from the procurement of various raw materials to product planning, development, manufacturing, and logistics, in order to make proposals that meet customers' requirements regarding product concept and price range.

Reliable project proposals are made from a diverse female perspective that is sensitive to detail.

Striving for high-quality growth toward the future

Sumitex has established independent corporations in Vietnam and China and is aimed at further reinforcing our network of overseas bases. Going forward, we will be expanding our ODM business through our overseas subsidiaries, while also looking into measures to break into the local markets in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries and regions. Capitalizing on its overseas bases, Sumitex will strive to strengthen its expertise in apparel/sundry planning and production, material/product procurement, and processing/logistics required to deliver safe and reliable products with the aim of further expanding its business.

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