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Accessibility Policy

The Sumitomo Corporation corporate website has been designed with Web accessibility in mind, providing content that is easy to use and plain to understand for our many website users.
Sumitomo Corporation has incorporated the following production, design, and operating elements into this website based on "JIS X8341-3 Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities - information and communications equipment, software and services - Part3:Web Content(Web Content JIS)",which was established in June, 2004.

Major Conforming Components within the Website


  • To the extent possible, text within this website has been written for easy viewing and comprehension.Web pages include font scaling buttons so that users can operate to change font size as needed.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Users must be able to change text size in accordance to their needs.

Non-Text Information

  • All images have alternate text provided. HTML syntax requires alternate text. The following example illustrates the role of alternate text in a title image.


    <p id="bisTopTitle"><img alt="Our Business" height="20" src="/files/user/english/img/business/business-main-title.png" width="154"></p>
    <p id="bisTopP"><img href="/files/user/english/img/business/business-main-txt.png" width="532" height="117" alt="As a general trading company operating in a variety of business fields, Sumitomo Corporation endeavors to reinforce and expand its operating base through a unique approach. We also strive to continuously improve both our customer service and the functions we offer by drawing upon the integrated corporate strength.We are introducing the broad spectrum of our global businesses from three perspectives."></p>
  • Any images which do not require alternate text, or in which alternate text interferes in the function of voice browsers will have [alt=""], with the definition content left blank.


    <img src="/company/img/index_img_02.jpg" alt="" width="50" height="60" align="right" class="image" />
  • Image maps will include alternate text for the image itself, as well as for each link area.


    <map name="m_index_img_01" id="m_index_img_01">
    < ……… alt="Report5 Social infrastructure" ……… />
    < ……… alt="Report4 Safe and Reliable Food Products" ……… />
    < ……… alt="Report3 Urban redevelopment" ……… />
    < ……… alt="Report2 Resource development" ……… />
    < ……… alt="Report1 Renewable energy" ……… />
    < ……… alt="List of Reports" ……… />
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Provide alternate information in the form of text, etc., facilitating the accurate understanding of the subject of images.

Colors and Shapes

  • When using color to offset certain information, text information will also be provided to facilitate understanding.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Do not rely on color alone for providing information necessary for the understanding/ operation of content.
  • When different colors are used in conjunction, color pairs are designed to provide sufficient contrast, and color schemes to make the information easy to distinguish.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Sufficient contrast and easily distinguishable color schemes should be used to separate text and images from foreground and background elements.

Other Conforming Components

Structure and Display Style

  • Markup is performed according to a logical structure.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Headlines, paragraphs, lists and other elements should be used to define the structure of the document.
  • As a rule, frames are not used.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Frames should not be used any more than necessary. When used, the role of each frame should be obvious to the user.
  • Tables are not used for the purpose of page layout.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Tables should include easily understood headings, should be simple in structure, and appropriately marked up.

Operations and Input

  • In consideration of voice browsers, navigation guides that are generally read each time they are loaded can be skipped when necessary.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    Links or menus used in common for navigation, etc. should be designed to allow users to skip reading them.


  • Movies using Flash and other BGM do not have autoplay activated.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    It is preferable [that audio files do not automatically play. When automatically playing media files, clearly indicate that a file is playing.


  • As a rule, no images with changing content or moving text are used to provide information.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    The creation of any images or text that change or move should take speed and hue/ brightness into account.


  • When language can be selected, a language code corresponding to natural language is used.
    [Related JIS Guideline(s)]
    When language can be selected, use a language code corresponding to natural language.

Opinions/ Requests

We will continue to strive for Web accessibility in this website.
We welcome any opinions/ requests with respect to this website, and we use such feedback to make continuous improvements.

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